Sign of the Times

In the world of interpretation there is one special language–highly requested language–that stands apart from the rest: it has no written words, and it is never spoken. So what is this mystery language that has no written alphabet and is never spoken? The language is ASL or American Sign Language and is utilized by many […]

Editing a Translation Project

The editing process is one very crucial step involved in completing a translation project.. After a translator completes a translation, the document may be sent to a separate expert for editing. Editing is especially used for documents that need to be ‘print-ready’ at the completion of the project so every step must be taken to […]

Professional Transcription Services

We’ve discussed translation and interpreting in length, but there is one type of service that we have yet to tackle. Professional Transcription services. Transcription is the conversion of spoken language into written, typewritten or printed form. The spoken-language source usually comes from a recording in DVD/CD format, audio cassette/microcassette or digital files. The content on […]

Native Speakers

Generally speaking, a native speaker is classified as a speaker of a particular language who has spoken that language since earliest childhood. A native speaker of a particular language should understand the subtle and the not so subtle nuances of that language and culture. In order to provide our clients with the best possible translation, […]

Successful Business Translation

You need translations that communicate as accurately and effectively as your original documents. American Language Services translates your documents into the native tongue of your clients and business partners not only shows respect, but it also helps to improve the decision making process. Poor communication is responsible for a multitude of problems from system failures […]

Interpreters in the Courtroom

New research has found that untrained interpreters can cause unjust verdicts in court cases involving people from non-English speaking backgrounds. A study by the University of Western Sydney shows that the speech and mannerisms of interpreters influence the way in which witnesses and defendants are judged. Associate Professor Sandra Hale told David Crisante, interpreters often […]

Translation is Vital for Life Science

Life science materials are translated for clients around the world because regulations differ in many countries. Life sciences translation is governed by strict industry regulations. The key to accurate life sciences translation is using the correct translators.. There are additional benefits emerging to translating life sciences materials besides meeting regulatory demands. Branding and your consumers […]


Contestants from forty countries descended upon Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas for the World Championship of Monopoly on October 21st & 22nd. American Language Services was on hand with fifteen interpreters to help contestants pass go and collect two hundred dollars. The two-day, twenty-hour tournament, which is held about every five years or so, was the […]

Man vs Machine

Translation is not as simple as it may seem. Languages cannot simply be translated verbatim as many key phrases or terms may be lost in translation. To be a good translator, one must understand the constraints of context; the rules of grammar; and the idioms and conventions of the two languages. Some may misconceive translation […]

A Loose Interpretation

Though often mistaken for its written counterpart: Translation…Interpreting is an art unto itself. As we previously discussed, Interpreting is the verbal relaying of information from one language to another. Interpreters are utilized to relay information between interested parties for all of the spoken languages of the world, including American Sign Language, which is “spoken” by […]


“Translation guarantees the survival of our civilization a globalized world.” – Center for Translation Studies, University of Texas at Dallas Interpreting, Translating & Transcription Services for Today’s Market For nearly a quarter of a Century, American Language Services (ALS) has been a premier provider of languages services. We provide top quality services for a significant […]


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