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Do not worry if you need an interpreter on the other side of the country or if you will be out of town for a few days but need an interpreter at a business meeting. Every request can be done by accommodating the exact fit to fulfill your necessities.

Interpreting can be done any day, time, and usually everywhere. There are ways to schedule an interpreter, regardless of the task. The only things required are the dates, the times, the location (If needed physically), and the required language. Interpreting can be done over the phone (OPI), virtually (VRI), or face-to-face (On-site).

Interpreting in Colorado Springs, CO

OPI and VRI come in handy when the resources for interpreting in a specific area are low, and they cannot fulfill the demand. Since these services are always available, scheduling a phone or video call to provide the service and carry out the project is more manageable. If there is availability of resources, on-site is also a great option if it is required. In the case of Colorado Springs, CO, many tourists visit, and interpreting services are usually requested in the area. The Spanish and ASL-speaking community is very present, but there are also other communities. Besides the two mentioned earlier, German is the most spoken language in the area, as are Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean.

Helping the interpreting community

The number of languages spoken in the United States may surprise you; it is a melting pot for holding different cultures and languages. If finding an interpreter for specific language results in difficulty in one state, the neighboring state will usually help out a lot. Thanks to the location and history of each state, it will be easier or harder to find a specific language or dialect, but it is always possible.

If there is no interpreter in the area, someone will always be willing to travel to a particular destination, and OPI and VRI are also two options that are always available. Our interpreters are all around the world and are always trying to help anyone who may need it, so accommodating your necessities will always be our top priority.

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American Language Services is a deep-rooted language service company with almost four decades of experience.   On-site interpreting, video-Remote interpreting, and over-the-phone are the three standard interpreting options we offer. But we also provide our clients with translation, transcription, and various media services.

We provide language services to the private and public sectors, such as governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations.

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