Interpreting types

The world of language services offers different ways to deliver and accomplish projects. Every way suits precisely the needs that our clients may have in each request. The language sector has worked hard to accommodate all the different necessities and demands of the market. Currently, there are three different ways offered to carry out interpreting projects. On-site interpreting is done when the interpretation is required in a specific area, and face-to-face interpreting with all the involved people. OPI (over the phone) can be done anywhere and anytime since the only thing required is a simple phone call; the interpreter will be booked and will break communication barriers. There is VRI (video-remote-interpreting), which only requires using a digital platform like Google Meet or Zoom to schedule a video call and start with the interpretation regardless of the location or time zone.

Interpreting in Cincinnati, OH

Interpreting is a helpful tool in many cases; it helps to break down communication barriers and bring people closer. Understanding each other requires extra help and can be done quickly by contracting these services. The offer will usually depend on the demand for interpreting assignments, and the availability of interpreters in a specific area can vary from one place to another. In the case of Cincinnati, thanks to its multicultural environment full of different types of industries and big international companies, a wide variety of interpreters are willing to provide their services to their community. English and Spanish are two of the main languages spoken in the area, but since there are many ethnic groups, we can also find a large German, French, Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin-speaking community.

ASL has been very present in the language services community, the requests to provide interpreting services for this language are increasing, and we are happy to assist with it anywhere and anytime.

Interpreting in the food industry

As a language service company, we work in all fields and industries; it does not matter if your company specializes in finance, economy, tourism, etc. We have a wide range of interpreters ready to fulfill all your necessities and well-prepared with the correct terminology and vocabulary to assist you with your projects. In the case of the food industry, we’ve helped many companies with interpreting services. We know it is a sector that has been growing exponentially and needs to keep up with all the changes happening worldwide. We also know that the food industry must be connected and always communicated with people all around the globe, and we care about not missing any details and helping out with communication skills to maintain accuracy and truthiness.

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American Language Services is a deep-rooted language service company with almost four decades of experience.   On-site interpreting, video-Remote interpreting, and over-the-phone are the three standard interpreting options we offer. But we also provide our clients with translation, transcription, and various media services.

We provide language services to the private and public sectors, such as governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations.

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