Translation Solutions Utilizing Machine Translations & Artificial Intelligence, with or without Human Editors

American Language Services (AML-Global) remains to be the forefront of technological innovation. We acknowledge that proficient, skilled, and experienced human translators have been and will continue to be fundamental in delivering high-quality document translations. However, we have also been quick to adopt cutting-edge technology that boosts efficiency, accelerates production time, integrates with various systems, and lowers costs.

We embrace the evolution of language services and content solutions through the integration of translation memory (TM), machine translations (MT), artificial intelligence (AI), and human translators.

5 Reasons Why We Should Handle Your Next Translation

SpeedReduced CostsFlexibilityTechnical SavvyOur Expertise
Our machine & AI Translation solutions guarantee rapid delivery without compromising quality. Whether you require a rushed request, have a tight deadline, or need something quickly for review, we provide excellent options.Machine Translations using sophisticated AI coupled with preferential dictionaries, glossaries & our extensive Translation Memory (TM) we are able to cut costs significantly while increasing consistency and speed up delivery.We provide four unique levels of service, which are detailed below. This offers great flexibility in choosing the optimal alternative to suit your needs and requirements.AML-Global operates with the latest and most efficient AI and Machine Translation technology and conventional technical solutions such as desktop publishing software, OCR, and other programs.Our services include Certified Translations for various legal matters and other purposes. We hold ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications that prove our exceptional quality systems and processes and our commitment to adhering to the best practices in translation.

Machine Translations  

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning resources allows us to facilitate the process and assist our clients in achieving their goals. We can leverage modern AI tools without replacing human translation by combining the finest Neural Machine Translation (NMT) resources with proven methods for enhancing content and accelerating delivery. This allows our clients to maximize the impact of translation and localization while maintaining the essential proficiency advantages of our linguists, who remain a vital part of the process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

The use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning resources helps us streamline the process, so our clients meet their goals by combining the best neural machine translation (NMT) resources with best-practice approaches for enhancing content and speeding up deliveries. This is not a way to replace human translation, but rather a way to use modern AI tools available in coordination with them. This allows our clients a way to maximize the content impact of translation and localization. In this way, our linguists continue to be an integral part of the process and our clients also get the important proficiency advantages.

3 Service Levels for Machine & AI & Translations

  1. Raw Machine Translations
    • Our most basic translation solution without human editing that our machine translation provides 
    • This is suitable for generic and general content where overall meaning and speed of translation are important
    • Raw MT does not consider style, syntax, or terminology
  1. Translations with Light Human Post-Editing
    • An essential part of the overall quality control & editing process of light post-edited machine translation is the involvement of linguists. AI & Machine translation output will be edited and corrected by linguists with the least number  of changes. This is highly recommended when the target translation needs to be more understandable or adequately convey the meaning of the source text.
    • The solution creates a more understandable and improved translation without significant errors but is not stylistically perfect.
    • This is intended for content with a high priority on speed.
    • In general, the quality is adequate, but the translation may sound unnatural, stiff, or overly literal.
  1. Translations with Full Human Post-Editing
    • Our top-quality service uses neural machine translation (NMT) and involves a linguist and subject matter expert to turn machine translation output into high-quality content. 
    • This service aims to produce a final product similar in quality to a human translation-only process and includes a proofreading and quality management step. 
    • The process has the same number of steps as a human translation workflow, with the first step being machine translations instead of human translations.

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