When Google Searched for Interpretation Services

Conference planners Momentum Worldwide called upon American Language Services to be the Linguists du Jour

Google, a multinational, publicly-traded corporation best known for its Web search technology, hosted a July conference at the Four Seasons Hotel at Westlake Village in Los Angeles. Momentum Worldwide, a global marketing agency with a network of creative thinkers, brand stewards, marketing leaders with offices in over 50 countries, was the meeting planner that handled the conference. As the New York City based Momentum has done frequently, it chose American Language Services to provide interpretation services to non-English speaking conference attendees.

The event, the Google Illicit Network Conference, was an in-depth exploration of international security issues facing countries around the world, and the possible solutions that technology, and the Internet in particular, could provide to international law enforcement agencies.

The event was attended by many from around the world, and to facilitate communication among non-English speaking attendees, American Language Services provided two Korean interpreters, two Arabic interpreters, two Indonesian interpreters, two Spanish interpreters, two Dari interpreters and two Hebrew interpreters.

In addition, AML-Global provided encapsulated booths, 32 headsets/receivers and two audio technicians who maintained the equipment and ensured that clear audio was available to all who required interpretation services.

Google has unveiled an ambitious agenda to use the internet and other technology to boost state law enforcers and civic society activists around the world. Senior executives, speaking at a Google-sponsored summit in Los Angeles, cast the company as a global force which could team up with Interpol and other agencies to counter crime, repression and terrorism.

Aside from its world-class Web search technology, Google’s other enterprises include Internet analytics, cloud computing, advertising technologies, and Web app, browser and operating system development. American Language Services provides interpretation services in more than 200 languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish, and Tagalog, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Hindi, among many others.


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