Something to Tweet Home About: AML-Global Translation, Interpreting Assignments for Social Networkin

Sometimes a mere tweet can move mountains. That’s what followers of the social networking phenomenon Twitter discover daily. The now iconic gurus of the 140-character-max social networking message that has changes the way people communicate, has seen its popularity expand globally.

Twitter has embarked upon a campaign to reach out to the Korean community worldwide, and American Language Services aided the social networking firm is conducting market research targeted toward making Twitter more user friendly and accessible to the Korean community.

American Language Services first provided document translation services to Twitter’s marketing department. AML-Global translated from English to Korean a questionnaire aimed at assessing users’ preferences. The questionnaire asked survey takers what they like or dislike in social networking sites.

Like many other firms, Twitter, a burgeoning media giant that has become a dominant player in the online world, needs to communicate with speakers of numerous languages. If your firm maintains a website that contains many pages, and you want to make the site readily understandable and usable to non-English speaking people around the world, you will need to help of expert linguists who can help you adapt your pages.

AML-Global translation and localization work with Twitter is an ongoing project. In addition to translations, AML-Global has provided phone interpretation, onsite interpreting for the media giant. In addition to Web translations and localizations, AML-Global also translate many different kinds of documents, including legal briefs, medical records, deeds, patents scientific papers and certificates and licenses, among other kinds of projects.


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