Mission Statement

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has strived to help our clients communicate effectively with others around the globe. We have been providing skilled & experienced linguists to companies for 35+ years. Our mission is to provide a world-class platform to connect clients with the finest, most qualified linguists available in the world.

We take a consultative approach that helps bridge communication gaps between our customers and their target markets.  Through our work, we hope to help make the world more interconnected and feel a little smaller. And, by doing so, make the world a more understanding place.

A Statement About Diversity

As a leading worldwide language service provider, we believe in strength through inclusion. Inclusion for us means hiring employees, contractors & vendors with as much diversity as possible. To that extent, we have hired bilingual staff, of course in the U.S. and from around the world.  For example, we have projects managers from a multitude of counties including France, Italy, Germany, Austria, China, Thailand, Kosovo, Costa Rico, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, and Belize to name some.        

Meet Our Team

Dina Spevack: Founder, CEO and Director Emeritus

Ms. Dina Spevack, an accomplished business leader, language expert, and educator founded American Language Services (AML-Global) in 1985. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dina earned a master’s degree in education from Ohio State University.  As an educator by trade, her love of languages and diversity flourished during her days of teaching at both Cleveland Middle School and later at the prestigious Le Lycee Francais in Los Angeles.

From being a world traveler, she has many years of experience fostering understanding among peoples of various cultures. In her years overseas, Dina worked teaching English as a Second Language and spent five years in Israel teaching high-leveled military and political officials.  Her lifelong passion for languages and cultures drove her to create AML-Global to help the world embrace the changing needs of the global community.

Ms. Spevack’s positive influence is still felt today on a day to day basis. She set the foundation for our company to embrace industry best practices and to stay forward-thinking by embracing emerging and effective new technology solutions. As is to be expected, she’s also a big advocate of customer service. In just a few decades, Ms. Spevack has grown AML – Global into one of the most successful and respected language service providers; not just in the U.S., but worldwide.

Alan Weiss:  Executive VP for Sales & Marketing

Mr. Weiss has served as AML-Global’s VP of Sales & Marketing for over 12 years.  He has 30 plus years of experience in sales and marketing, and deep knowledge of the interpreting and translating industry. Before joining our team, Alan held senior sales and marketing positions and worked with clients at several Fortune 500 companies. Alan is also the proud holder of a BA in Business Administration from Western Michigan University.

An out-of-the-box thinker, Alan has a flair for charting out sales strategies and implementing complicated strategic plans. In his time at AML-Global, he’s worked diligently to drive business growth and increased profitability. His expertise is in planning, market penetration, consultative selling, management, key account management, and competitive analysis.

A Detroit native, Alan is a sports enthusiast, hiker, biker, and a competitive backgammon player who’s called L.A. home since 1985.

Jay Herzog: Sales Manager & Sr. Account Executive

Mr. Herzog has served as a senior account executive and sales manager at American Language Services for over 17 years. He has 30 plus years of experience in sales and marketing and deep knowledge of the interpreting and translating industry.

In his time at AML-Global, Jay has served clients at Fortune 500 corporations, Non-Profits, major universities, top 100 law firms, and a variety of government agencies. He is also the proud holder of a BA in English Literature from the University of Florida.

Jay is an exceptional problem solver and a strong proponent of quick response and total client service. Originally from New Rochelle, New York, Mr. Herzog has lived in Los Angeles since 1982. He is a huge sports fan and a scratch golfer.

Lina Duangsay – Interpreting Lead Administrator 

Stepping into her new position as the interpreting lead administrator, Lina is excited to grow and flourish with American Language Services. Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, magna cum laude with a B.S. in Political Science, Lina looks forward to the future and to providing great service to our valued clients.

As first-generation, Asian-American, Lina hopes to continue her involvement with Asian Students.  She wants to help first generation students pursue higher education without the fear of being unable to afford living expenses, as well as more humanitarian efforts. She also is big on continuing her education and wants to continually learn and challenge herself.  She intends on continuing her education at night and wants to pursue a master’s degree.

In her spare time, Lina enjoys spending time with her two beautiful babies (Calico & Norwegian Forrest cats) , visiting museums, and making a variety of art including painting, drawing, sewing, and crocheting , among others.  She enjoys new experiences and hopes to travel the world and gain knowledge of cultures and customs from around the globe.

Leslie Jacobson: Conference Interpreting Manager

Leslie Jacobson has been with American language Services since 2009.  Originally from the Seattle area, she graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in Organizational Behavior.

She worked as a software contract negotiator for a number of years and then married, moved to Minnesota for a few years and had a family.

Finally settling in Los Angeles in 2008, she began working at American language Services the following year.

Leslie enjoys spending time with her family and anything outdoors like biking and going to the beach and hiking the hills and canyons in Southern California.

Meiyu Chen: Translation Manager

As a Chinese woman, born and raised in Spain, and now living in the United States, Meiyu had the opportunity to experience new cultures, adapt to different environments, and excel her communicative skills in multiple languages including Spanish, English, Chinese and Catalan.

She graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Science (BA) in Business Administration and Marketing, and a graduate certificate in International Trade and Commerce with a concentration in Global Management from UCLA. Meiyu has over 10 years of experience in project management working with international brands and multicultural organizations. Languages are her passion.

Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, eating exotic food, and trying new hidden restaurants from around the world. She is also a world traveler who loves different cultures and is an avid movie goer.  She recently got married to a great man, who is originally from Colombia, and enjoys some of her same passions. Meiyu and her husband have also volunteered for many years in a local animal shelter. 

Erik Morentin:  Sourcing Manager

Erik Morentin was born and raised in Southern California spending time in both Los Angeles and Orange County.  He attended Pepperdine University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Spanish.

In college, he spent time studying in Argentina and working for UNESCO in Switzerland which drove him to explore foreign languages and cultures.  When he’s not in the office he enjoys traveling, hiking, and surfing. Erik recently got married in New Mexico and he and his wife Lucy love to go out for fine dining and consider themselves big foodies.

Reuben Trujeque:  Accounting Manager

Reuben Trujeque is a native of Belize, Central America. While attending junior college, he was among six students recruited by Jesuits from St Thomas University in Florida. He graduated with a BA in Accounting and moved to California where he later passed the CPA exam.

His 30 plus years of accounting expertise comes from his leadership role in companies across several industries where he interacted with CPAs, bankers, attorneys, and governmental employees.

Reuben is an active member of the Belize Association of Justices of The Peace who service both the local community and those in his homeland. He enjoys watching sports, mainly basketball, and spending quality time with family. His native languages are Creole and English.

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