For over 35 years, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a premier provider of languages services in the legal industry. We are one of the largest and most successful legal translation companies in the world.

We provide certified translation services for a who’s who of law firms, corporate in-house legal departments, and court reporting agencies. We have perhaps the largest database of independent linguists who specialize in legal translation in the United States.  

Professional, experienced, and highly qualified translators handle a wide array of legal documents including:

  • Contracts
  • Intellectual property documents
  • Press releases
  • Court findings
  • Corporate legal documents
  • Discovery documents
  • Patents
  • Legal agreements
  • Employee handbooks
  • Legal disclaimers

Unlike a lot of other fields, the law is culturally-dependent. What certain terms and bylines mean can differ widely depending on where the document originated. As most legal writing is technical and exact, it’s important that it’s translated by an expert in the field. We not only understand that but endeavor to stand out from our competition in the following ways: 

We Prioritize Legal ExperienceWe Boast a Huge Database of Legal TranslatorsWe Live and Die By Your DeadlinesOur Price
Legal translators typically have a minimum of five years of field experience and some type of legal certification or credential.AML-Global has one of the largest databases of pre-screened and field-tested legal translators in the United States. We understand the deadline pressures attorneys and legal staff are under. Our legal translators all work effectively.By the frequent use of preferential glossaries and translation memory, we’re able to cut costs & save you time and money.

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For International Hague Convention Cases

For international legal cases where document translations are needed, there are specific rules in place that are based on the Hague Service Convention.

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