National Democratic Institute Taps AML-Global to Provide Arabic Interpretation at Hofstra Presidenti

Interpretation Services Helps Make the Democratic Process More Transparent to Those from Cultures Around the World

American Languages Services (AML-Global) took part in the recent presidential debates, providing language interpretation services to accommodate non-English speaking members of the debate’s on-site audience.

As President Barack Obama squared off with challenger Mitt Romney, AML-Global’s Arabic language interpreters were on the scene providing language interpretation for Arabic-speaking spectators. The National Democratic Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, brought AML-Global on board to provide Arabic language interpretation services. The National Democratic Institute aims to support and strengthen democratic institutions worldwide through citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

The September debate took place at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. American Language Services provided two Arabic Interpreters, two portable transmitters and four headsets/receivers.

As a leading provider of conference and symposium interpretation in more than 200 languages, AML-Global can accommodate gatherings such as conferences and conventions, where complex information is exchanged, and where often a substantial number of participants are in attendance. In each assignment, AML-Global fully accommodates clients who demand absolute accuracy in every detail of the interpreted material.

In addition to Arabic interpretation, AML-Global provides interpretation services in Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Farsi, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, Creole, Bosnian, Turkish, Korean, and in a substantial number of other languages, as well.


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