American Language Services (AML-Global) has been working with manufacturing companies since 1985.

Manufacturing and engineering companies must think globally to excel in the current market. A significant number of companies in the manufacturing sector depend on American Language Services to provide multi-lingual language translation solutions. It is critical for manufacturing concerns to have their documents translated in a precise, consistent, and timely fashion.

Why Is Translation Essential for the Manufacturing Industry?

Global manufacturers try to drive down expenses through offshoring. As a result, they unavoidably face the challenge of connecting global operations through shared documentation. The fundamental technicalities of the language used in the manufacturing industry make miscommunications and misunderstandings more likely. When you’re working with hydraulic pressures and welders, poor translations can lead to dire consequences.

Documents We Work With

Our manufacturing translators work with a variety of items including:

  • Product guides
  • Service guides
  • Machine manuals
  • Operational guides
  • Machinery toolkits
  • Internal communications

4 Reasons to Let AML-Global Handle Your Manufacturing Translation

Below are four things that set us apart from our competition:

Essential Technical ToolsOur CertificationsQuick Turnaround TimesOur Breadth
CAT tools and Translation Memory are vital to the manufacturing sector. We use a variety of them to help reduce costs, increase accuracy, & maintain consistency.  AML-Global possesses an ISO 9001 and 13485 certified quality management system.We work to meet the needs of manufacturers with short product lifecycles. Rest easy knowing that we’ll meet your deadlines, no matter what.Expert manufacturing translators are available in over 200 different languages.


Security Compliance is a very important factor when working within the manufacturing industry. To that extent, we take extraordinary measures to make sure your important information is safeguarded. Outlined below are some key features of our systems.

  • Encrypted data, end to end, through our file sharing protocol.
  • Audited and comprehensive risk analysis.
  • World class secured document management system.
  • Multiple privacy & security safeguards.
  • Updated firewalls and antivirus software.
  • Multiple server redundancy.
  • Offsite Cloud data backup.

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