3 Interpreting types: OPI, VRI, On-site

Standard Interpreting Options

Choosing the way of interpretation will depend on the type of assignment that is requested; there are three fundamental ways to choose from, OPI (over-the-phone), VRI (video-remote), and on-site (face-to-face). Each one is designed to comply with the precise needs of the client in question, and sometimes, not all of them are possible. Companies and individuals may have different requirements, so researching the best option of interpreting becomes necessary to fulfill those needs. 

Interpreting in Arlington, VA

Requesting and providing interpreting services has been an escalating demand, but it also depends on the city’s population needs. Suppose there is no recurring demand for this kind of service. In that case, the availability of resources such as interpreters also decreases in the area, which leads to opting for remote interpreting services like VRI and OPI, which are easier to use at any time and for almost any request. ASL and Spanish are two of the most requested languages for individuals and companies in the area.

While most of Arlington’s population speaks English, there are some communities where English is not their first language. There is a large number of Chinese and French-speaking people, leading them to recur often to interpreting and translation services for many different solicitations. There are many reasons for requesting interpreting services, like negotiation and company growth. In Arlington’s case, the technology and innovation sectors are growing at an accelerated pace; it is home to some of the fastest-growing businesses in the nation, from high-tech startups to internationally recognized corporations. So, it is only fitting to keep up with communication and improve ways to break language barriers for industries requiring connectivity and harmony.

Keeping up with improving interpretation

Analyzing and adapting are two essential steps to overcoming challenges; our world is filled with many of them, and approaching step by step to a nearer and brighter future is necessary. Our main goal is to bring people closer by reducing the gaps between language barriers, so it is easier for everybody to have a voice that everyone can hear. When the world changes, we must change too – in the case of having more research and information, and it will always be crucial to meet the required standards. Finding interpreters that can be of help when needed will be obligatory, sometimes not that easy, but with technology, we have been able also to increase the number of projects completed even in tricky areas.

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American Language Services helps with video-remote, on-site, and over-the-phone interpreting, which are three of the many other services that we as a company provide. Fulfilling the needs of all public and private sectors, like educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations, we also offer translations, transcription, and various media services.

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