Each year thousands of tourists and business travelers head overseas. These travelers often rely on professionals in the language service industry to help them understand speakers at tours and events and for business meetings. People travel for many types of reasons: leisure, business, family matters, and legal issues. Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been collaborating with Tour Guides, Travel Companies & Travelers to make everyone feel more comfortable & to communicate effectively.

4 Reasons to Rely On AML-Global for Your Tour Interpreting

AML-Global has provided interpreting for tours, special events, meetings and hosting in almost every major market. We are proud to associate with interpreters of more than 200+ languages. Whether you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, we’re here for you. Below are four main things that set us apart from our competition:

Our Cost SavingsWe Know How Important Effective Communication IsWe Are There Where & When You Need UsWe Rent Equipment
Because expert interpreters are found in all major markets, AML-Global saves companies money on travel and other related cost.Whether it’s a tour of West Chapel or a major industry event, we understand how important accurate interpreting is. By bridging the gap between you and your audience, we make it easier to achieve your goals.We are available 24 Hours/7 Days. We have every language you need and in every location, you need us.From high-end sound booths to portable equipment, we offer a wide array of interpreting equipment. With our price match guarantee, there’s no reason not to order from AML-Global. Also, we maintain strict safety & maintenance protocols for all of our equipment.

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