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AML-Global has one of the biggest networks of certified transcribers in the USA.
Our systems and processes ensure we can complete projects on time, every time.Transcribes only use the best, most modern transcription equipment available.AML-Global works in all formats and mediums in over 200 languages.

Company Information

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has earned a reputation as a worldwide leader in the transcription industry. By paying attention to details, we can provide transcription services that are both timely and cost-effective.

Expert transcribers are located in hundreds of countries, covering every time zone, and are fluent in over 200 languages. These highly skilled professionals are recruited, screened and tested to ensure the quality of their work.

We get it, Transcribing Is So Much More Than Just Writing Words On a Page.

AML-Global understands all the variables involved in ensuring accurate and timely transcriptions. Whether it’s audio or video of focus groups, interviews, media, meetings, or governmental or law enforcement related, we have someone who can handle the job.

Certified transcriptionists are also flexible in terms of formatting, time coding, and delivery. We utilize the most up to date and effective transcription equipment and are ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified, which is a testament to our outstanding quality.

Key Industries We Serve

Legal Transcriptions are an important part of court proceedings and legal cases. Inaccuracy can lead to dire consequences. That’s why we only assign legal professionals to jobs in this sector.Depositions, Trials, Hearings, Legal Proceedings, Arbitrations, Mediations
Law Enforcement Law enforcement agencies rely on accurate and timely transcriptions in a multitude of languages to investigate and prosecute important cases they turn to AML Global for the accuracy and fast turnarounds required. Interrogations, Interviews, Police Wires, Undercover Work, and Government Meetings

Government The government uses transcriptions in many applications ranging from law enforcement to government meetings, public events and media. Written text from audio or video is a vital service used across the board by a wide variety of agencies. AML Global speed and accuracy are critical factors in why our government chooses AML Global. Public Meetings, Private Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Announcements, Press Statements

Education Educational institutions are charged with creating research from around the world. This often includes transcription of foreign languages or English into reviews, studies, media and many other pieces. As an industry leader many educational institution choose AML Global for this important work.  Lectures, Classes, Seminars, Dissertations, and Speeches

Corporate To succeed nowadays, businesses need to think globally. This often requires transcribing and translating vital announcements, meetings and research for customers and employees in all markets. This is why major corporation come to AML Global to handle these important matters. Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Lectures, Training Videos, Conference Calls

Market Research Every business that does international commerce has to have a good understanding of their target market to be successful. By transcribing focus groups and survey responses, in over 150 languages, we make gaining that knowledge a lot easier and the success rates of these sales campaigns to increase accordingly. Focus Groups, Interviews, Meetings
Medical Vital medical records need to be transcribed accurately and in a timely fashion.  People’s very lives may depend on this!  This takes a professional with a deep understanding of the medical field and its terminology.  That’s why medical companies come to us. We only assign experienced and skilled transcribers and we are ISO 13485 Certified to handle medical projects.Medical Dictation, Medical Reports, Findings

Media With social media, smart phones, internet and cable in a 24-7 communications cycle information is spread super-fast and never stops.  Everything is needed now!  AML-Global has been involved with media outlets for years and knows how to operate within media transcriptions super-tight deadlines.Interviews, Press Releases, Conferences

Entertainment The Entertainment industry has unique and interesting projects regularly. These projects must be turned around under very tight deadlines and budgets.  The major players in the market goes to us   for our reliability, expertise and speed.  Interviews, Press Releases, Webcasts, Script Reviews, Announcements 

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