Telephonic, virtually or face to face?

Which one suits my needs best?

Interpreting can be done differently and is flexible and adaptable depending on the assignment and its specific requirements. Such as applying different learning skills and different forms of interpreting can help people who may need it. For example, if the request for getting an interpreter is an emergency and comes with short notice, doing it over the phone can be a lot easier for both parties. Alternatively, assignments can be done remotely, like a health/care appointment, making it visual and easier for patients and their doctors, available at almost any time, any day, and anywhere by scheduling the calls. Or if it is the case, the translator and client can meet directly to discuss everything. The only important thing is that each way should completely satisfy your necessities and end with the problem of a language barrier between you and your goal.

Interpreting in Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, you can find large communities that speak many other languages and dialects than English. ASL is an example of increasing demand within interpreting requests, so finding people who specialize in doing it professionally is becoming more accessible. Spanish is the only language that gets the most requests, and even though it is widespread, there are many other languages, like Korean or Chinese. Arabic-speaking communities are also in Atlanta that are seeking help in communicating.

Giving these people a chance to communicate, be understood, rebuild their lives, and contribute to their new communities is one of the top priorities of these language services. They are our colleagues, friends, neighbors, family, teachers, and healthcare workers. We can make a better place together by giving them the proper assistance, bringing everybody one step closer.

Making the world smaller with interpreting

Interpreting is for those who need help understanding English. Understanding each other will bring people closer; listening closely and comprehending other people’s needs and interests will start making positive changes. Business and education are usually the most renamed sectors, but in the case of Atlanta, we can find that human resource is at the top of the list. It is known that this is one of the principal cities in the United States that receives a considerable number of refugees per year, coming from all around the world, creating diverse communities and a multicultural environment filled with different languages, dialects, and traditions. Interpreting is a tool to bring people closer, and it is a significant demand, especially in areas where the concentration of international individuals is high.

Let us help you get closer!

American Language Services is a deep-rooted language service company with almost four decades of experience.   On-site interpreting, video-Remote interpreting, and over-the-phone are the three standard interpreting options we offer. But we also provide our clients with translation, transcription, and various media services.

We provide language services to the private and public sectors, such as governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations.

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