Sozo Group: AML-Global Helps Chinese and American Symposium Goers Speak the Language of Business

AML-Global Provides the Linguistic Services that Allow Non-English Speaking Visitors to Access the Rich Opportunities Available in America

The Sozo Group, a business organization that seeks to develop ties between China and the state of Alabama recently hired American Language Services (AML-Global) to provide Chinese-English Interpretation Services at the Alabama China Partnership Fall Symposium.

The four-day event, which featured networking, expert speakers and informative panel discussions were targeted to provide Chinese executives with the insight and means to continue their pursuit of business relationships in the United States.

Overall, organizers remarked that the event surpassed expectations of both its Alabama hosts and Chinese guests. ‘After an opening session in Montgomery during which Governor Bentley welcomed the guests to Alabama (and in some cases, back to Alabama) the participants heard substantive discussions about Alabama, its business climate, and most importantly, its people.

The Sozo Group got its name from the Greek word sozo, which means to heal or save, or to return back to original form.

The symposium took place at two locations, including the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art in Montgomery, Alabama, where American Language Services provided two Mandarin Interpreters, one booth and a technician as well as 100 Headsets/Receivers. The second half of the event took place at Alabama Southern Community College in Monroeville, Alabama, where American Language Services provided two Mandarin Interpreters, one Booth and a technician in addition to 250 headsets/receivers.

AML-Global provides conference interpreting, symposium interpreting, meeting interpreting, legal interpreting and educational interpreting, as well as interpreting in a number of other kinds of environments. In addition to providing interpretation services in more than 200 languages, AML-Global also provides American Sign Language interpretation services.

AML-Global successfully performs thousand of hours of language interpretation each year, and can offer linguistic services in every kind of environment, from the largest of conferences and public conventions and symposiums to one-on-one consultations and meetings.


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