AML-Global assists Hewlett-Packard with Conference Interpreting and Equipment Needs

May was a busy month for large scale conferences and Hewett Packard was one of the many companies that came to AML-Global to assist them with their conference interpreting and equipment needs. The Hewett Packard Discover 2011 Conference was a 3 day event starting on 6/5/11 and ending on 6/7/11. Interpreting in 3 different languages […]

Rockwell Collins: Foreign Language Voiceover Needs for Training

As discussed in April, Rockwell Collins is one of the many international companies that contract with AML-Global for their foreign language voiceover needs. Rockwell contacted AML-Global again this month to provide voiceover work in several languages for an ethics training program. A vast majority of Rockwell’s voiceover needs pertain to online training for their employees […]

Website Localization

Website Localization is Critical in Today’s Business Climate: Localization ensures that the intent of your message is transferred accurately to the local market. The process takes into account geographic, religious, cultural and other sensitive and important factors. Outsourcing your foreign language web site needs to professional linguists has proven to be a cost effective, accurate […]

The Hardware of Language Technology

Have you ever been intrigued by the worldly glamour of the translation booths at major international events, or places like the United Nations? Although language interpretation can be performed with the simplest of means, we’ve become accustomed to the multicultural embrace of simultaneous headphone interpretation as a “must” for virtually all types of meetings. American […]

Software Localization

Software localization (often simply called “localization”) is a means of adapting computer software to different languages and regional differences. Specifically, localization is the process of adapting software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text. In contrast, internationalization is the process of designing a software application so that it can […]

Hollywoods Financial Saviors: Dubbing Makes U.S. Films Accessible to World Audiences and Allow Am

Dubbing and subtitling are the two methods of making movies live up to their proud billing as ‘the universal language of the screen’. Without language translation there would never have been a film industry with worldwide appeal. Many Americans, living in the largest of English-speaking countries, would be surprised to find out how dependent Hollywood […]

A Brief History of American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL is a manual language or visual language, meaning that the information is expressed not with combinations of sounds but with combinations of hand shapes, palm orientations, movements of the hands, arms and body, location in relation to the body, and facial expressions. ASL is not a written language. There is no one-to-one correspondence between […]

Todays world of Braille Language Communication and How to Access It

Since 1985, American Language Services has provided outstanding Braille translators and transcriptionists worldwide. Braille is a unique and important international language. It is vital to understand the general nature and specific idiosyncrasies of Braille. Most people would be surprised to know that Braille didn’t start as a language for the blind, nor’in fact’did it originate […]

CART Translation: A Common Misnomer

CART Service provides instantaneous translation of what is being said into visual print display so that it can be read (instead of heard). CART is also referred to as realtime captioning. CART Service is one means of communication access for deaf or hard of hearing individuals who read English fluently. There has been some controversy […]

Different Formats of Written Languages

One of the oddities of human language is the number of ways that words can be written down around the world. It’s well known to most people that some languages, like Chinese and Japanese, can be written right to left, and sometimes even top to bottom vertically, but the variety goes much deeper than that. […]

Success Stories from American Language Services

American Language Services (AML-Global) has a long history of customer satisfaction. Since AML-Global has no shortage of satisfied clients, we’ve decided to share a few success stories directly from our clientele to you. LAUSD: Recently, we filled an assignment for a Lao interpreter for our long time client of 20+ years, The Los Angeles Unified […]


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