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Our skilled translators & editors deliver high quality work on-time, every time. If you have a tight deadline or a rush request, we can help.By using Preferential Glossaries, & using Translation Memory we’re able to increase consistency, speed up delivery, cut costs & save you money.We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified. These certifications show proof of our superior systems & processes and our dedication to adhering to translation best practices.We’re masters of a wide array of state-of-the art, desk top publishing software, OCR, Translation Memory, and other programs.Our database of pre-screened translators is one of the largest in the world. We work in 200+ languages.

Company Information

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global), has utilized expert translators to translate millions of words in 200+ languages. We work for some of the largest and most well-known organizations in the world, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to legal, technology, non-profits, education, and governmental institutions. That’s why we’re considered a go-to provider by many in the know.

Our expert translators, editors, and project management teams are among the best in the industry. This fact, combined with our outstanding quality control processes, which includes our unique 360-degree quality control system, ensures that your translations are always high-quality, consistent, timely, and accurately localized.

ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

For over 35 years, American Language Services has shown an unmatched commitment to quality. We are one of the few translation companies in the industry to have both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. These standards are a testament to the outstanding and consistent quality which we achieve daily. 

American Language Services is proud to work with SAI Global to obtain our multiple ISO certifications. SAI Global is a world leader in risk management and provides yearly audits to ensure that we continually improve our processes and enables us to always stay compliant.


Security compliance is a vital factor in how we work with our clients. To this extent, we take extraordinary measures to make sure your important information is safeguarded. Outlined below are some key factors of our data protection systems.

Some of the key elements in this are:

  • Encrypted data, end to end, through our file sharing protocol
  • Audited and comprehensive risk analysis 
  • World class secured document management system
  • Multiple privacy & security safeguards
  • Updated firewalls and antivirus software
  • Multiple server redundancy
  • Offsite Cloud data backup

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is a very important factor when working with medical providers. HIPAA compliance incorporates how data is transmitted, maintained, and secured. This is vital in the medical industry in handling patients’ confidential, personal health information (PHI). 

Quality Control Process

AML-Global understands the needs of organizations that work in the international market place. We have skilled and experienced teams who work with the latest in technology, including CAT tools, a multitude of software, advanced hardware, web-interfacing, and desktop publishing programs.

Key Industries We Serve

Legal Translate and certify documents across the entire legal spectrum. We work with law firms and in-house legal departments.Contracts, Discovery, Intellectual Property, Releases, Summons, Complaints, Evidentiary 
Medical Device  Medical device manufacturers can’t afford to leave their translations up to chance. That’s why they rely on AML-Global, an industry leading ISO13485 certified company.IFU’s, Procedures, Manuals, Software, Compliance

Corporate Businesses all over the world need translation services in all facets of their operations for a variety of content. That’s where we come in.Presentations, Proposals, Reports, Manuals, Agreements

Governmental Government departments are servicing language needs in a broad range of areas. From the Department of Justice, to the Department of Commerce, the government turns to AML-Global for quality, pricing, and the turnaround times they need.  Public Announcements, Training, Minutes, Agendas, Reports, Proposals, Studies

Educational Educational institutions service their constituents’ multilingual needs for an entire range of language services. We work with a multitude of departments to ensure correct translation and localization for public consumption.Studies, Grants, IEPs, Special Ed., Applications, Admissions, Employee Handbooks

Human Resources Multicultural and international work forces are common in today’s global economy. Human Resource departments are challenged with a wide variety of language needs encompassing communication, legal, and compliance issues. That’s why HR departments turn to the experts at AML-Global. Policies & Procedures, Legal, Handbooks, Training Manuals, Compliance Matter
Training and Development It can be difficult to train a global workforce, even more so when the materials translated are not localized accurately. At AML-Global we’re here to help you bridge those communication gaps.Modules, Training Manuals, Instructional Material
Marketing It is critical that sales and marketing professionals communicate effectively with their clients in their native language. This requires accurate, culturally correct localization and transcreation. Web Sites, Brochures, Advertisements, Collaterals.

Marketing Research To understand a target market, you need to be able to understand their responses to your campaigns. And we’ve been helping companies do just that since 1985.Qualitative Studies, Questionnaires, Responses

Business Communications From press releases to newsletters, every business has content to share. Why worry about translating it when you can just hand the work off to us?News releases, Announcements, Newsletters, Updates

Manufacturing Whether you’re a one-man shop or a Tier I automotive supplier, we can help you communicate with your whole supply chain.Technical, Manuals, Product/Service Guidelines, Toolkits

Non-Profits NGOs and NPOs need translations done at an affordable price point. AML-Global is proud to offer discounts to members of these fine organizations.Announcements, Donations, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Special Rates

Advertising A typo or improper translation can turn a slam dunk into a flop. Work with AML-Global to ensure your advertising hits all the right chords.Creative, Nuanced, Web Sites, Catalogues, Product Launches

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