AML-Global Gives Voice to Staar Surgical Multimedia Projects

Voice Media Another Important Facet of the Overall AML-Global Service Package

Staar Surgical, producer of minimally invasive ophthalmic vision enhancement and technology, frequently employs American Language Services as it provided of language services and multimedia services.

American Language Services has been renowned for its expertise in document translation and language interpretation as well as providing American Sign Language services to the deaf and hard of hearing. Not only does AML-Global provide excellent services in all of those, but we also go into the recording studio and make Staar Surgical’s messages available in audio form for targeted non-English speakers.

Among the services that AML-Global provides to Staar Surgical are voiceover services, subtitling, studio recording services and audio engineering services. AML-Global provides a full range of media services that can accommodate the most detailed, highly complex material, and make it readily understandable to targeted non-English speaking audiences.

A firm dealing in such technically complex information obviously needs to contract with a language services provider that can perform above the level of most of its peers when it comes to dealing with technically demanding texts that are being written for experts in the field and contain many subtle details that must be completely understood and expressed in the target foreign language.

The Nidau, Switzerland, office of the Monrovia, Calif., based firm, frequently calls on AML-Global to perform a variety of language services, including Arabic translation, Bengali translation, Farsi translation, German translation, Gujarati translation, Hindi translation, Italian translation, Kannada translation, Korean translation, Marathi translation, Malayalam translation, Portuguese translation, Punjabi translation, Spanish translation and Telugu translation.

Founded in 1985, United States based American Language Services (AML-Global) evolved from an intimate language school into the leading interpreting and translating agency it is today. AML-Global provides a full range of international multi-language communication services and offers its unique services worldwide. Our language professionals are available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

In addition to text translation, American Language Services also produces voiceover media for the firm in a variety of languages, including Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, Telugu, Kannada, Portuguese, and German. American Language service recruits the voiceover talent from its large database of linguists who are experienced voice talent performers.

Business has become increasingly global in recent years. Gone are the days when a firm in just about any given field could simply focus on customers and business ties merely in its own country, but instead must now rely on and cultivate relationships with potential customers, investors, suppliers, business partners and others who are dispersed around the world. The entire planet seems like a much smaller place, and because of that you are most likely going to find the need to communicate with others who do not speak English, and whose native languages you do not understand.

For more than 26 years AML-Global has worked with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies on a wide variety of documents and website projects. We have completed excellent quality work and have worked with numerous medical organizations on multiple translation projects, as well as interpreting assignments around the U.S. and internationally for many industries. We have also worked on projects that are large and complex and involve multiple language accommodations, highly technical terminology and complex desktop publishing, and we have worked with clients on simple straightforward translations in one language pair. We have worked on numerous projects with extremely fast turnaround times required. We have done cultural localization to ensure that their text, scripts, written, and audio materials were appropriate for local audiences.

Some of the different kinds of projects that we regularly translate include user guides, user manuals, training, quality assurance, compliance/regulatory, legal documents, quality control, clinical tests, marketing, clinical modules, surveys, studies, benefits announcements, newsletters, websites, standard operating procedures (SOP’s), directions for use (DFU’s), pharmaceutical engineering guides, ISPE certifications, manufacturing practices (CGMP’s), clinical trial documents (IND’s/NDA’s), enhanced documentation, MSDS date sheets.

On the technical side, we have worked with companies who have proprietary software programs imbedded in their website. This requires a high degree of technical skill to be able to convert languages in technical software, such as back-end applications, software strings and front-end user interface applications. We have utilized our desktop publishing (DTP) expertise to ensure that the websites have the desired look and feel after the language conversion takes place. This is a very important element because language expands and contracts, and is formatted in many ways. This needs to be accounted for to properly fit into the required website layout.


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