January 2021

Welcome to 2021! January brings a new year full of hope and elevated expectations. Every year gives us renewed hope and optimism, this year, this is especially important. We know 2020 was a hard year for a lot of us and we each have been challenged to overcome considerable obstacles. Better things are sure to […]

December 2020: The Holidays and End of the Year are Here

2020 is a year no one will ever forget. A global pandemic, protests, riots, a disputed Presidential election, is seems like we have seen it all. So long 2020, we are not going to miss you. We all look forward to a better and safer 2021 and things getting back to normal. On the happy […]

November2020: As the Year Winds Down…

November in our collective imagination is a time of falling leaves, stylish coats and a lot of hot chocolate drinks. But all that glitters is not gold and it is well known that during this month the temperatures drop drastically in parts of the U.S. Despite this, our country has been enveloped by a strange […]

October2020: The Autumn Season is Here

The summer season has officially come to its end and it is now time for Autumn. Even if the sun is still shining, in a great part of the world the days are becoming shorter as a result of the global time changing. In fact, is it not a coincidence that on this month in […]

September 2020: The end of the Summer is Here

September means the end of the summer;  it is a month of transition from Summer to Fall. In most parts of the country a significant drop in the temperature occurs and the days start getting shorter. It’s time to change to a heavier wardrobe. Many businesses across the country have seen a nice increase in […]

August 2020:August One Hot Summer

The summer season has come and around the country it has really been a hot one.  Despite Covid 19 the beaches have come alive as people have been desperate to get outside for some R &R and enjoy the Fresh air (and continue to do social distancing). A large portion of the population cannot wait […]

JULY 2020: Summer, Historic Events,Vaccines & Achievements

The summer season has officially started!The weather is nice, the BBQ action is back in full swing and the days are longer.  From the death of Alexander,the Great to the fall of the Bastille at the beginning of the French Revolution, the month of July highlights notable Historic events! One of the most important days […]

JUNE 2020: Summer is Rapidly Approaching

Automatically people equate June with Summer; the weather becomes warmer and by now most children have finished their school year. June is known for the having the most wedding ceremonies, and how ironic that the month of June’s flower is the ROSE. The birthstone(s) for June are the Alexandrite, typically a reddish or green colored […]

MAY 2020: A Consequential Month in History

May is one of the most historic and consequential months in history.It is the month where the Fall of Constantinople (1453) happened and marked the end of the Byzantine Empire.  Istanbul became the capital of the Ottoman Empire and a new era started. It is the same month where, World War II ended,and the Allies […]

APRIL 2020: Love, Jazz and Lockdowns

Aprilit is a month where a lot of festivities andreligious gatherings are celebrated.Although for someit’smostly remembered for April Fools’ Day, for tricks, gags and other fun events.  For the religious orientated, EasterDay (Resurrection Day) also comes in April.  The month of April is a month devoted for Love and romance, it’snamed for the Greek goddess […]

MARCH 2020: COVID 2019-Coronavirus Hits the U.S. Hard

March of 2020 is a month that will not soon be forgotten in the United States. The U.S. and the world have been hit hard with a serious and deadly virus outbreak that has changed the landscape of how people live and work. The outbreak started in Wuhan, China in late December of 2019 and […]

February 2020: Romance, Almonds & Presidents

Even though Valentine’s Day is in February, (the 14th to be exact), it is not just the month for romance. February has some other interesting days in the month. If you like eating high protein, tasty treats National Almond Day, which is on Feb 16, is the right day for you. If you are American […]