Since 1985, American Language Services? (ALS) has been providing transcription services around the world, for many industries, and in over 150 languages. San Francisco is one of the places in the world where our transcription services are widely used. Our San Francisco transcribers are the best and most experienced, having worked in the community that is home to people from 140 countries. Transcription work can be in a number of mediums including: micro cassettes, mini cassettes, tapes, VHS, audio cassettes, DVD’s, and digital files including DAT, CD, MPEJ, MP3 and RA.

Transcriptions in San Francisco are often requested Spanish to English and English to Spanish due to the many Spanish speakers in the San Francisco area. However, an ever growing number of companies are doing business with a variety of languages other than English to Spanish Transcription. Common languages for transcriptions are: Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and more. San Francisco is home to many languages and American Language Services? can help you communicate to all of them.

Transcription Service Pricing

All transcription projects are priced individually and based on a number of factors. We determine the price by: language combinations, deadlines, number of speakers and audio quality. Also, price is determined by which format the item is in with the end user formats required.

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What are your communication goals? Every company has specific objectives in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met. We will work with you in the time frame you require to achieve the success you desire.

The Latest Transcription Technology Saves Time and Money

In order to expedite quotes, ALS uses state of the art technology to transfer files into the best digital format available so we can respond in quickly. We also have a File Transfer Protocol Site (FTP) available for larger electronic files that are too large for most companies’ standard email system. Our highly-trained, San Francisco, multilingual transcriptionists and our superior technology allow us to respond quicker to your quote requests which greatly enhances turnaround times.

We Can Handle Your Transcription Requests

We have vast resources of experienced San Francisco transcriptionists who write in over 150 languages. Let our skilled and friendly staff help you promptly and cost effectively to fulfill your request. Please contact us for a quote or to place an order today.

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