Our video interpreting services called Virtual Connect, gives you remote access 24 Hours/ 7 Days to professional interpreters in over 100+ distinct languages (Including ASL & CART) Our system works seamlessly with all major Video Platforms. Because it’s location independent, Virtual Connect saves you money on the travel costs associated with on-site interpreting. We offer both On-Demand and Pre-Scheduling options. Our system allows for easy, flawless collaboration, you won’t even notice that your interpreter is not right around the corner.

To learn more about Virtual Connect, click the link for a Video Presentation

4 Benefits of AML-Global’s Virtual Connect

Cost SavingsNo Dropped Calls User InterfaceSecurity
Our Virtual Connect system lets you avoid costly travel fees while giving you quick and easy access to expert interpreters. Shorter minimums than in-person interpreting saves you money.Our state-of-the-art technology, including call-back functionality, makes sure no call is ever lost. Just click a button and pick things up right where you left off. 24 Hours / 7 Days Access.Our User Interface pairs an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with high-quality video and audio feeds. Nothing you need is ever more than a click or two away. Allows for text written transcripts.All messages are delivered via a robust, encrypted network. This ensures that your information stays completely secure.

What You Need to Use AML-Global’s Virtual Connect Services

All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) laptop, tablet, smartphone with internet access or a webcam with sound. Our Virtual Connect system can connect to any wired or wireless network, with just a simple click of a link.

The VRI Process

You only need to do a handful of things to get started:


  1. We set you up with an Account-It is very Fast & Easy.
  2. We assign you a client number.
  3. We provide you a numerically coded List of Languages.
  4. You call anytime, from anywhere, 24 Hours / 7 Days.
  5. You make your call, pick your language and get instantly connected!


  1. We set you up with an Account- It is very Fast & Easy.
  2. We assign you a client number.
  3. You let us know what language(s) you need the date and the times.
  4. We send you a confirmation.
  5. We set up the interpreters.
  6. All participants click on the link and commence with the interpreting.

Types of VRI Interpreting We Provide

Tens of thousands of VRI interpreting sessions take place across the U.S. and Worldwide each year.  We’ve had the pleasure of providing VRI interpreting services across a wide array of industries and types of meetings.  Since 1985, we’ve collaborated with people in a dizzying array of companies and settings. While we’re equipped to manage almost any event, our interpreters are particularly familiar with:

  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Business Meetings
  • Symposiums
  • Trade Shows
  • Events
  • Legal Cases
  • Focus Groups
  • Medical Appointments
  • Classrooms Settings
  • Training Sessions 
  • Human Resource Matters

Have a Question? In Need of Our Remote Interpretation Services?

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