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The supply and demand of products and services depend entirely on individuals. The market is regulated as the different offers of the global market are consumed, constantly changing given the needs of people. The language service world keeps improving to satisfy any requirements that a person may request in a project. On-site interpreting, contacting interpreters in the required area, finding others willing to travel, and expanding the research in different areas to cover the assignment are some of the options we currently offer to fulfill the need for face-to-face interpreting. If it is optional, doing the assignment by phone or virtually is always a practical option. It all depends on what you need and the best option to cover; either one will attend to your needs and deliver an excellent project outcome.

Interpreting in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore is a major city in Maryland with a long history as an essential seaport, Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants into the United States, and it was a significant manufacturing city. As time changed and the area experienced different challenges, Baltimore shifted to a service–oriented economy and is also the home of Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins University, transforming into the city’s top two employers.

Due to this information, the census of previous years showed an impressive number of nationalities, which also reflects a variety of languages spoken in the area. For example, there’s a large Amharic and Somali-speaking community in the city, and other languages like Yoruba, Twi, Vietnamese, Chinese, French, and Korean. There’s also a large Spanish and ASL–speaking community in the area, so it is possible to find interpreters for many languages and dialects.

Changes in interpretation

Just as the main sectors in Baltimore changed, so did the tasks and needs of the city’s industries and people, making it necessary to adapt to these new realities. Interpreting projects changed for good because it is now easier to contract this service regardless of the requirement. Now they can be done virtually or simply with a phone call.

The healthcare/medical sector is one of the most significant areas of opportunity for interpreting companies. Health should be available to everyone, without any exception, and language should not impede receiving the necessary care at the required time. That is one of the main reasons to provide different types of interpretation and to be able to achieve a service that is present and available in any situation.

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American Language Services is a deep-rooted language service company with almost four decades of experience.   On-site interpreting, video-Remote interpreting, and over-the-phone are the three standard interpreting options we offer. But we also provide our clients with translation, transcription, and various media services.

We provide language services to the private and public sectors, such as governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations. 

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