Happy Halloween!

In October there are a few holidays to be celebrated with Columbus Day and Halloween included, but there are also some holidays worth mentioning. In Alaska, for example, October 18 is an annual federal holiday as it marks the anniversary of the transfer of territory from Russia to the U.S. This holiday is generally celebrated […]

Fabulous Fall!

On October 9, is Columbus Day this year; a day which remembers explorer Christopher Columbus’ arrival to America in 1492. Whilst this day is observed in many parts of the United States of America, some states within the U.S. celebrate other events that took place on that very same day. This includes Native American’s Day […]

Autumn Glory

September 16 was National CleanUp Day, an observance in the U.S. that occurs on the 3rd Saturday in September. This unofficial holiday aims to raise awareness about cleanliness and reducing litter, making sure the nature around us remains clean and rid of garbage. This is a day about appreciating nature and the world we live […]

Happy Labor Day!

On September 4, it was Labor Day, a day to celebrate the contribution of various labor unions to the American economy. It is a federal holiday and designed to give workers a day of rest. ‘In September we also have Patriot Day, an annual observance on September 11 in order to remember those who were […]

Interpreting In the Heart of the Summer

Over the summer AML-Global helped some great organizations by providing interpreting and interpreting equipment services to help facilitate very important international events An interesting project that we had a chance to work on was a GM Mexico Conference in Las Vegas, providing Spanish interpreting and interpreting equipment for GM’s Mexican Dealers. The event was organized […]

Summer Solstice

On June 20, we had the longest day of the year thanks to the June solstice, sometimes referred to as the summer solstice. On the southern hemisphere it is known as the winter solstice and is the shortest day of the year. A fact about the June solstice is that it occurs at the same […]

Juno What Im Talking About

June is an incredibly busy month for all, being considered the official start of summer. On June 6, D-Day is observed; it commemorates the Allied forces invasion of Normandy, France during the Second World War.’ Flag Day is celebrated on June 14 each year and honors the United States flag and the nation’s freedom. ‘Also, […]

May We Not Forget

In May, we have a federal holiday; Memorial Day. Memorial Day is always on the last Monday of May and this year happens to fall on May 29 meaning this weekend is a long one. The day honors the men and women who have died whilst serving in the U.S. military.’ It was originally known […]

May the Fourth Be With You!

May named after the Greek goddess Maia who identified as the roman goddess of fertility, is the fifth month in the year. There are a few holidays in May to be celebrated. ‘Star Wars Day, May 4 (today), celebrates George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise and allows the millions of fans to express their love for […]

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was on April 22, or what the United Nations calls International Mother Earth Day, a day where people unite in order to both appreciate and respect the earth’s environment. So take some time to appreciate mother earth and reflect on how as a society we can do more to protect and respect the […]

Aphrodites Month

April is the first full month of spring! The name derives from the Latin word aperio which means to ‘open or bud’ as this is the season when trees and flowers begin to open. It also marks the month of mourning and celebration of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is a day when Christians commemorate Jesus […]

Marvelous March

March, named after Mars; the Roman God of War, is a busy month for all including American Language Services (AML-Global). Spring is officially here, hello warmer weather! With St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break and the March Equinox; where the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of the night and day are nearly […]