October 2021

October is a month we all look forward to. First of all, it means that it’s officially Fall. Cozy clothes while drinking a hot cup of coffee and laying in bed reading a book seems like the perfect scenario during fall. Another thing to look forward to are the Holidays, and the amount of them. Think about it Halloween, National Dessert Day, National Art Day, and more! All the more reasons to love October. Unfortunately, with COVID around, it has been difficult to organize big gatherings. However, taking precautionary measures while enjoying the holidays has become something we have gotten accustomed to as we’re nearing the third year of the pandemic.

October marks some significant events when it comes to history. There were some important feminist achievements that happened during this time. October marks the month when British women were finally given eligibility for admission as full members and were given the right to earn degrees in Oxford University. The first female U.S. ambassador also happened to be appointed in October. Helen Anderson, appointed by President Harry Truman, became the first female ambassador when she became the Ambassador to Denmark.

When it comes to world history, October saw many changes in the world scene. Many countries declared independence, such as Iraq and Uganda from Britain, Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, and Belgium from the Netherlands, among others. It also saw the foundation of the People’s Republic of China with Mao Zedong as chairman. Germany also became whole again as East and West Germany finally became one after forty-five years of Cold War division. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was also renamed Yugoslavia.

Other notable events included: The “universal car” known as Model T, designed by Henry Ford for the masses, which went on sale for the first time. It also signifies the crash of the stock market which marked the beginning of the Great Depression in America.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in October:

October 25, 1881: Pablo Picasso: One of the greatest and most influential artists of all time was born. During his lifetime, he co-founded the Cubist movement, invented constructed sculpture, and co-invented the collage, in addition to a wide array of styles that he developed.

October 5, 1830: Chester A. Arthur: This date signifies the birth of the 21st American President. After serving as vice-resident the previous term, he rose to presidency upon the assassination of James A. Garfield. He was awarded the honorary degree by the Union College for his contribution.

OCTOBER 16, 1854: Oscar Wilde: His poems and plays gain a huge popularity in his time and still resonates nowadays “The picture of Dorian Gray” is one of the most read books in all over the world. This very book it cost him the criminal conviction for gross indecency for consensual homosexual acts, imprisonment, and early death at age 46.

OCTOBER 27, 1858: Theodore Roosevelt Jr: Roosevelt had a brilliant political carrier that led him to become and serve as the 26th president of the United States from 1901 to 1909. He had been so influential and important that his face was depicted on Mount Rushmore alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. He is also a first cousin to another well-known and accomplished U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

OCTOBER 28, 1955: Bill Gates: We could say that everyone has a piece of Gates in their lives since he co-founded Microsoft corporation, creating a series of software that almost all people use daily. He is likely to be known as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our modern times and he is and has been one of the most, if not the most, wealthiest people in the world for over decades.

Some Interesting Translation, Interpreting, & Media Projects Completed in August

Although many holidays happen in the tenth month of the year, October proved to be a very busy month full of interesting projects and varied work for our company. This covered a wide variety of work in a multitude of industries and languages. The interpreting department is continuing to see a constant increase in both On-Site and Virtual interpreting, in part thanks to the vaccine against Covid and the rules in place to prevent it from spreading and overall business confidence of the economy.

Regarding interpreting, we provided 2 Somali simultaneous interpreters for seven days of focus group discussions for a large government consultant. For a major law firm, we supplied 4 days of video-remote Turkish Simultaneous interpreting for hearings. Another important project included providing Albanian interpreting for the US military for soldiers about to be deployed internationally. In conjunction with the US Department of State, we also administered two days of video-remote simultaneous interpreting for a world-known nonprofit in EU French and Brazilian Portuguese. In addition, we supplied medical interpreting on-site for ASL, Spanish, Korean & many other languages remotely daily for hospitals, major health care providers, doctors, and urgent care centers across the nation.

In the multi-media field, we provided Brazilian Portuguese translation and voice-overs for a 4-hour series of workout training videos which reduce pain through exercise for a top fitness company. We also transcribed over 3 hours of Chinese medical interviews to English for a major California hospital. For the US Attorney, we transcribed Spanish and English Audio Files to English on multiple criminal cases.

Our translation department continues to deliver many and various projects for a wide array of industries. We translated COVID-19 Booster Shot information for a Fortune 500 healthcare provider into 13 languages including Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Nepali, and others. We translated and completed the Desk Top Publishing on a 25,000 word Racial & Social Equity Action Plan, a Commission Report in Spanish, Tagalog and Simplified Chinese for one of the nation’s largest cities. For a restaurant chain, we translated a 23,000-word employee manual into Spanish. In addition, we translated and certified 17,000-word financial and background report into Romanian for a leading aerospace company. Another significant project was also the 9,000-word Board of Directors Report on Management’s Discussion of Fund Performance into EU French, German, and Spanish which we translated for a major financial advisor.

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