February 2022

February may be the shortest month of the year; however, it is no less significant than the rest. While January depicts a turn of the page, February represents some comfort and familiarization with the new year and its offerings. Popular holidays such as Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day are only two of the events of this month’s agenda. An American classic, the Superbowl and the start of the Lunar New Year are also some of the important events that happened during February. February also celebrates black culture and heritage and is known as Black History Month. While we do have these well-known holidays, there are other less-known ones – but interesting nonetheless – such as National Girls and Women in Sports Day, American Heart Month, National Grapefruit Month, and National Weddings Month, among others. So, while it is the shortest month of the year, it is a feast of holidays squeezed in those 28, sometimes 29, days. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in celebrating life, however this is not the case for all. In February, Russian attacked their neighboring country the Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine and all people fighting for democracy and freedom.

Many turns happened in the political sphere when it comes to world history during February. This month signifies the end of the U.S. – Mexico War with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe. President F. W. de Klerk of South Africa also decided to lift the 30-year-old ban on African National Congress. It also turned a new page for Mexico as a new constitution was ratified allowing for important social changes in the country. Vatican City was granted independence by Benito Mussolini, who subsequently recognized the sovereignty of the Pope. The Communist Manifesto was also published during this month by Marx and Engels. Important to note is the change to the calendar made by Pope Gregory XII, who corrected the mistakes on the Julian calendar, which led to the formation of the Gregorian one. This was initially adopted by the catholic countries and later spread to the other nations as well. An important mark on NATO’s then-45-year-old history was its first combat action as four Bosnian Serb jets were shut down in a no-fly zone by American fighters. February 11 was also established as the founding date of Japan.

For the United States, changes were also apparent. The U.S. Constitution’s 11th, 15th, 16th, 22nd and 25th amendments were ratified marking new changes for the government. The 20th amendment was also adopted. Massachusetts became the sixth state to ratify the new U.S. Constitution in 1788 with the vote of 187 to 168. For the presidency, February saw the voting of the House of Representatives for the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, which failed by one vote. It also saw a four-hour peace conference between President Lincoln and Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens which resulted unsuccessful. Photographer Matthew Brady was the first one to take a photograph of a U.S. President in office, James Polk. Important is also the establishment of the Boston Latin School as the first public school. The U.S. Army delivered a brave act of heroism, as four U.S. Army chaplains chose to go down with the ship after seeing the insufficient amount of life jackets which were handed out to the young soldiers.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in January:

February 12: Abraham Lincoln: American lawyer and statesman and iconic American president. He served as the 16th president of the Unites States until his assassination. He Led America through Civil War, preserved the Union, abolished slavery, and modernized the U.S. economy. Remembered as martyr and regarded as one of, if not, the greatest president in American history.

February 2, 1882: James Joyce: Irish novelist, writer, poet, and literary critic. He is regarded as one of the most influential and significant writers of the twentieth century. He is best known for his contribution to the modernist avant-garde movement. His stylistic innovations include meticulous attention to detail, interior monologue, wordplay, and a complete transformation of conventional plot and character development. He is most famously known for the stream of consciousness.

February 3, 1821: Elizabeth Blackwell: British physician. She was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, and the first woman on General Medical Council’s Medical Register. As a social awareness and moral reformer, she played a significant role for both the United States and the United Kingdom in promoting education for women in medicine. An annual award in her name is given to a woman with significant contribution in the field of medicine.

February 1, 1894: John Ford: American film director and naval officer. He received six Academy Awards and a record of four wins for Best Director. He is best known for his Westerners and adaptations of 20th century American novels. Some of his popular works include Stagecoach, The Searchers, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Grapes of Wrath. He has directed more than 140 films and is one of the most influential and important filmmakers of his generation.

Some Interesting Translation, Interpreting, & Media Projects Completed in August

February was another busy month full of different projects in various industries. The interpreting department is continuing to see a constant increase in both On-Site and Virtual interpreting, in part thanks to the vaccine against Covid and the rules in place to prevent it from spreading and overall business confidence of the economy.

Our interpreting department provided Virtual Spanish VRI interpreting for a large agricultural consulting firms two-day conference. We also provided 3 days of on-site ASL interpreting in Southern California for a conference called in by one of the world’s biggest hotel chains. Our team supplied a large on-site conference in Seattle with technical staff and interpreting equipment which was used to support assisted listening needs in multiple rooms across the venue. In addition, we provided 3 days of on-site Certified Punjabi interpreting for court hearings in Texas. Important to note is that we supplied virtual ASL and Cart services for a three-day conference for a state disability agency. Another important project included the provision of remote Somali interpreting for employee training sessions. For the US military’s deployment training in Virginia, we provided two days of on-site Romanian interpreting.

In the multi-media field, we provided German Voiceover services in the medical field for a surgical technique online training course for a dental academy. We also transcribed a series of English-to-English interviews for CBS Sports as well as legal interviews in Spanish for a legal service provider.

Our translation department continues to deliver many and various projects for a wide array of industries. We translated over 200 Individual Education Plans from English>Spanish for a school district with a high percentage of Latino American students. The overall project involved about 1 million words. We also translated a 32,000-word employee manual for one of the nation’s largest meat producers into Burmese, Hakha Chin, and Spanish. Moreover, we translated Research HIPPA consent forms into Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish for a leading medical research company working in coordination with a large university hospital. The translation of over 20,000 words of consumer market research information was done into Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese for a leading market research firm. As an ISO 13485 certified company, we translated instructions for use for a medical device companies product into German, EU French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese. For a major government agency, we provided translation services for over 50,000 words of legal and financial translations, into the languages of Mongolian and Vietnamese.

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