April 2021

April is the month where Spring it is in its full swing, with flowers blossoming and good weather rapidly approaching.  Spring is often about renewal and looking at the positives. The United States has seen numerous challenges starting from the recent historical sentence against the police that killed George Floyd to President Biden restoring the relationships with Europe agreeing to laws that protect the environment for all of the world.

April has always been a month full of important historical events and here we can explore the ones that changed our perspective of society and life forever.

April is a month that has been historically important to woman. This month supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman to preside over the U.S. Supreme Court and Susanna M. Salter became mayor of Argania, Kansas, the first woman mayor that was elected in the U.S. Other events of interest saw the formation of N.A.T.O., which initially was founded against the Russian soviet rise of power. Also, the sad death of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., who was shot by a sniper in Memphis that lead to a law that finally protected African Americans and people of color.

In April, some of the most tragic and dangerous historic moments of the modern history took place. Two key events were the Ruanda genocide and the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Ukraine. Another moment happened with the outer space accident of the Apollo 13 the when the famous sentence “Houston we have a problem” was pronounced. The horrible sinking of the Titanic, the ship that was supposed to be unsinkable, hit an iceberg and capsized, was another terrible moment that occurred in April. Another tragic event was the bombing of the Spanish city Guernica that inspired several paintings by the famous Spain painter Salvador Dali.

On the other hand, more positive chapters of history began in April with the liberation of the Nazi camp of Birkenauin 1945 and also April marked the end of the Vietnam war in 1975. Another important event was the first human in the space, Yuri Gagarin, the founding of the Metro Goldwin Mayer that was going to change forever the history of the Cinema.  On a lighter note, the launch of the Gameboy that changed the lives of millions of teenagers around the word and the establishment of the Earth day on April 22.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in April:

APRIL 4, 1965, ROBERT DOWNEY JR: Robert is one of the most loved actors of our century. He started out as a young actor in the early 1970’s. As many young actors do, he became hooked on many drugs and found it hard to continue his craft.  He reached great success after going through multiple rehab centers. His big break was taking the role of Toni Stark in the Avengers Saga and the role of Sherlock Homes, with whom he won his second golden globe. He has since starred in many other notable movies.

APRIL 7, 1939, FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA: The surname Coppola is widely recognized in the cinema word and new filmmakers dream about following his path. Coppola not only is one of the best filmmakers of all the time but was also a central figure for the Hollywood in the 60/70’s. Some of his titles you may know are the Godfather, The Great Gatsby, Apocalypse now and he has numerous other smash hits.

APRIL 16, 1889, SIR CHARLES SPENCER CHAPLIN: (AKA Charlie Chaplin): April seems to be the right month to be born into if you want to be a famous cinema person. Chaplin was one of the most brilliant comic actors of his era, he dared also to fight the Nazism with the comic movie “The Great Dictator” in which he satirized Hitler and exposed himself politically. His death was a great loss for the Cinema and generally for the humanity itself. He always believed in the humanity and the love between all the humans.

APRIL 17, 1837 JOHN PIERPONT MORGAN (AKA J.P. MORGAN): He reorganized and consolidated a number of failing companies to make them incredibly profitable. He became one of the richest people in the world. He was so rich in 1895, he even aided the failing U.S. Treasury by carrying out a private bond sale among fellow financiers to replenish the treasury. Nowadays the companies under his name are so well known, including the financial company J.P. Morgan company.

APRIL 23, 1564 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE: Saying his name means referring to the most known poems, stories and books that have ever been written in the history. Shakespeare even years later remains one of the most read, studied and appreciated literary artists in this planet. It is impossible for everyone who lives in the modern era not knowing something about his work and art.

Some Interesting Translation, Interpreting, & Media Projects Completed in April

April brought a lot of business to our company and we have been busy as always in delivering project with the utmost care to our customers. Some of the notable projects this month in the translation department included 25,000+ word Romanian procurement project for a major Avionics corporation, a translation for a well-known technology company of a Mobile Service overview manual into: Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Italian and German. For a major University we translated the by-laws and constitution into simplified Chinese and Spanish. Furthermore, our team delivered over 45,000 words of highly technical product information into Japanese for one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Finally, we completed a rush translation, in a two-day turnaround, for a national Law Firm in which we translated a 20,000-word Turkish legal document.

We also delivered two important projects as we transcribed multiple hours of audio from Farsi to English for a Major Law Firm. We completed a significant media project and provided script translation and Arabic voiceover work for programing consumer information for a major Hospital Network.

The Interpreting department is doing bisk business, mainly consisting of Virtual interpreting (VRI) through a Zoom platform. We completed dozens of projects for law firms, high tech companies, market resource firms, non-profits as well as educational clients. We completed these projects in many languages including American Sign language (ALS) CART, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Russian Arabic, French, Hebrew, Turkish, Swahili, Hindi, Tagalog to name some.

We are now starting to see a significant increase of on-site interpreting as Covid 19 is finally more under control and vaccines are being widely distributed. Our department supplied three days of on-site ASL interpreting at Universal Studios for Covid 19 training.  We also provided on-site interpreting by providing 6 ALS interpreters for a two-day conference put on by a Global Non-Profit promoting Educational Advancement. For a major employment law firm, we also supplied four days of Certified Legal Korean Interpreting for Depo preps and depos, and we provided French Simultaneous interpreting for a non- Profit regarding racial inclusion in businesses in African Country. In the educational field we supplied Arabic, Ukrainian, Romanian and French Simultaneous interpreting for highly technical training session and ongoing courses at a major university and for an Ivy League University’s conference Journalism and supplied Portuguese to Spanish Simultaneous interpreting. 

AML-Global stands the test of time in providing translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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