January 2022

January marks the beginning of the New Year. Happy New Year Everyone! The New Year represents another blank page, another opportunity to start over. True to its name (deriving from Janus – God of all beginnings), January is the month where new possibilities and opportunities await us. Starting from the first day of the new year, people want to set the right tone to follow throughout, and January provides just about everything to make this month special. From Global Family Day and World Braille Day to National Cheese Day and National Pie Day, January’s scope of holidays provides warmth and inclusivity to just about anyone and anything.

January holds quite the significance when it comes to world history. On the political spectrum, Europe saw the disintegration of Czechoslovakia into separate Czech and Slovak republics. Queen Victoria was also proclaimed Empress of India. The British Independent Labor Party was founded on this month as well. The Common Market (known also as the European Economic Community) was formed on January 1,1958, by Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, with other countries joining later. 11 European countries also started to use a new single European currency – the Euro. This month also saw the foundation of the Commonwealth of Australia, as six British colonies became six states, with Edmund Barton as the first prime minister.

For America, January saw President’s Franklin Roosevelt inauguration to an unprecedented 4th term in the office. Ronald Reagan became the oldest U.S. President at 69 years of age. Wyoming’s Nellie Tayloe Ross became the 1st female governor in the United States. Abortion also became legal during this month. Another important event includes the beginning of the California gold rush with the accidental discovery of precious metals near Coloma.

Other significant events include the foundation of the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine in Connecticut called The USS Nautilus, the first U.S. Commercial Bank and the first underground railway service opened in London among others. Deaths of important political figures also happened during January including the death of Britain’s Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria of England, Soviet Russia’s Lenin, and King George V of England.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in January:

January 4, 1809: Louis Braille: A French educator and inventor of the Braille system – a writing system for people who are visually impaired.

January 1, 1752: Betsy Ross: An American upholsterer credited with making the first American flag known as the ‘Betsy Ross Flag’. Ross had a history of making flags as she did so during and after the American Revolution. She was also one of the first to make flags for the Pennsylvania fleet.

January 14, 1875: Albert Schweitzer: A French-German theologian, organist, musicologist, philosopher, and physician. His views on religious matters challenged the thought at this time as well as the traditional Christian view. He is a Nobel Peace Prize winner for his philosophy of “Reverance for Life”.

January 6, 1412: Joan of Arc: A 15th century French heroine. As a peasant girl, she led the French army into a momentous victory at Orleans against the English attempt to conquer France during the Hundred Years’ War. She is also a saint in the Roman Catholic Church

Some Interesting Translation, Interpreting, & Media Projects Completed in January

The first month of the new year saw us covered a wide variety of work in a multitude of industries and languages. The interpreting department is continuing to see a constant increase in both On-Site and Virtual interpreting. This in part, thanks to the vaccine against Covid and the rules in place to prevent it from spreading and overall business confidence of the economy.

Our interpreting department provided 2 days of on-site French Simultaneous interpreting for meeting in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel. We also provided 2 Eastern Armenian Simultaneous interpreters for a virtual conference for major governmental agency. The new semester began for schools nationwide, and we continue to provide interpreting and translation in over 25 languages for school districts and universities across the country virtually and on-site. We are also providing daily ASL services virtually and on-site for students nationwide. In addition, we provided multiple on-site ASL interpreters for three days in Georgia for classes and training for a nationwide Health and Diversity related nonprofit. For the Department of Justice, we administered multiple certified Spanish interpreters on-site in North Carolina for criminal cases involving environmental issues. Another project included the provision of on-site and virtual Simultaneous Japanese interpreting for a series of board meetings for a company in the restaurant industry.

In the multi-media field, we updated the subtitles on a one-hour documentary chronicling the life of former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin which we had previously done in six languages. Another important project included the transcription of a 90-minute video from English and Spanish to English for a legal case involving real estate transactions. We also transcribed a one-hour meeting English > Spanish for a corporation promoting worldwide gender equality.

Our translation department continues to deliver many and various projects for a wide array of industries. We translated and Desktop Published, into Spanish, a 66,000-word entrepreneurial training handbook into InDesign software for one of the Nation’s Top Consulting Corporations. We also translated a 20,000-word Legal case into Traditional Chinese for international Service in Taiwan. For a commercial logging company, we translated a 12,000-word logging safety manual into Spanish. Moreover, for a worldwide non-profit organization engaging in international development and humanitarian aid operating in 25 countries, we translated a 13,000 bylaws document from English > French. As an ISO 13485 Certified company, we translated and certified a laboratory manual and other documents from English > Japanese for one of the world’s 10 biggest Medical Device companies.

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