Super Bowl Buildup

For all you sports fans out there across the world, the NFL playoffs have been in full swing and the upcoming Super Bowl looks like it’s going to be an epic battle. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will be vying for the prestigious world championship in Super Bowl 49 taking place in Phoenix, […]

Martin Luther King Day

In January, an important and very meaningful national holiday takes place, Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King (MLK) was the legendary African American civil rights leader who believed in equality for all. He believed that all people had the right to be judged, not by the color of their skin, religion, race, ethnicity or […]

Happy New Year

Now that the Holidays are over, we begin afresh in 2015. American Language Services would like to wish you a Happy New Year and a successful upcoming year. The start of the year brings some very positive changes to our organization. First, we’re very happy to announce a major re-launching of our website. This was […]

Happy Holidays to All!

It’s hard to believe that the Holidays are upon us and New Year’s is right around the corner.  It’s amazing how fast things went in 2014 and that the year is almost over. American Language Services wants to wish each of you a Happy Holiday and happy and safe New Year’s coming up. Whatever Holiday […]

Giving Thanks

As we all know, in the month of November is the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving.’ Not only is this one of the great American foodie holidays of the year, it is also great to be able to reflect about how fortunate we are in our lives and what is truly important and meaningful. ”AML-Global is […]

Interpreting with the stars

Let’s face it: every single one of our competitors will claim that they’re the best. That’s Marketing 101. That being the case, how are you, the consumer, supposed to make an informed decision when choosing a language services provider? A good place to start is to look at who else is choosing them. Where do […]

The Need for Speed

Sometimes things need to be finished as soon as possible. For whatever reason, the translation job needs to be done ‘yesterday’. The industry term for this is a rush or expedited translation. There are many reasons for short deadlines: a boss gives a last minute order, our client’s client changes their mind last minute, or […]

What Three Words Can Do

Events in the clothing industry this week bring to the forefront an important but often unrecognized issue: product localization. Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo has found itself in a localization quagmire. This may be the first real speed bump for Uniqlo, which had been rapidly expanding into the US market. Their newest line of clothes has […]

Lifting the Veil on the Mysterious World of Translation

All too often, a client finds themselves in need of a translation, only to be faced with a confusing and often-misunderstood translation industry, lots of enigmatic acronyms, and unhelpful sales people. At American Language Services, we understand that the industry may need to be explained in simple terms for a first-timer. Each of our well-trained […]

Legal issues in a foreign language? Better call American Language Services!

The fate of any legal matter can hinge on something innocuous: a single word or phrase, the wrong line in a contract, a misunderstood witness testimony. The incorrect translation of a sentence, context of a situation, or even a single word can spell disaster. The judge, attorneys, and jury all rely on communication to do […]

You have probably had this conversation

Have you ever debated the merits of dubbed voice overs versus subtitles with your friends and family? Opinions can certainly get heated. If you have, you’ll understand just how pervasive these language services are in our everyday lives. Beyond media and entertainment, they also play a vital role in the professional world as companies strive […]

In a pinch? Call American Language Services

Robert Burns said that ‘The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ At American Language Services we understand that, and our expert staff is here to help you in any way they can. We are experienced at working under pressure and on short deadlines, at answering last minute requests, and at adjusting to […]