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It’s time to look ahead for the next exciting college football season. The season will officially begin on Friday, Aug. 26, although the bulk of the first games will be played on Saturday, Aug. 27. Everyone is excited and optimistic about their team’s prospects.” In reality, it’s all about surviving and advancing for each of top teams, to the ultimate goal of winning the national Championship. The role of the players is to play the hardest and smartest so they can make an impact and get to the position they want to be in. The same applies to businesses as well. Let’s talk about American Language Services; at AML ‘ Global every transcriptionist, voice-over artist, interpreter and technician undergoes a strict screening process to ensure only the highest quality service is provided to all our customers. This always keeps us among the premier language providers.

Another giant of American sports is the NFL.’ It is one of the most exciting, talked about and media-scrutinized league in the country.’ Every sound bite coming from players, coaches and owners is blasted through the news. To sail in the same boat of excitement in business this football season, American Language Services did work directly with the NFL, We translated several NFL operations documents and a Web site for their Spanish market.

Another interesting translation assignment we did recently is for Yukon Medical, a major medical device manufacturing company based out of North Carolina. We translated several DFU documents from English to French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Greek, Estonian, Arabic, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Chinese, and Hungarian.

We exclusively use native translators to ensure accurate localization, and each translator that works for us is very experienced and undergoes a strict screening process in order to keep our standards of quality high. Our translators focus in the fields of medicine, technology, and law to ensure that even specialized documents retain the proper professional language and tone.

Transcription services also have a growing need in today’s international business climate.’ ‘Every industry today requires Transcription Services. Thus Transcription Services has higher demands now when compared to the past. Just a few days ago we did Russian and Japanese to English Transcription assignment of more than 16 hours of video for Vulcan Productions; it was the regarding Russian and Japanese war history from many decades back. ‘Another transcription project we completed was for Tekstratex. It was an English to English transcription project. Our outstanding customer service made the transcription process an easy and pleasant experience.

American Language Services stands the test of time in providing voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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