February 2024

Love Knows No Language: Exploring the Vital Role of Language Services in the Month of Love

As we immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of global cultures, we recognize the profound importance of language services in bridging linguistic divides and fostering connections. Just as February heralds the celebration of love and affection on Valentine’s Day, it also serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable role language plays in expressing emotions, strengthening bonds, and facilitating understanding across borders. Language services, encompassing translation and interpretation, serve as the guiding beacon that ensures messages of love, appreciation, and devotion are accurately conveyed, irrespective of the languages spoken.

Empowering All Learners: The Value of Multilingual Education

Through the language services we offer, we are committed to contributing to more inclusive education spaces. By providing access to educational materials in a wide range of languages, we reaffirm our appreciation of multilingual education. This dismantles language barriers for students whose native language is not the primary language of instruction and fosters a richer learning environment for everyone. Students can grasp complex concepts in their familiar tongue, building a solid foundation for future learning. Furthermore, exposure to diverse languages promotes cultural understanding and appreciation, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Our language services have become a bridge, ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to participate, learn, and grow.

In February, our skilled team of linguists displayed an outstanding performance within the education sector, particularly when it comes to translation services. With an impressive feat, we translated over 200,000 words for universities spanning across the West Coast and the Southeast region. Our adept translation team demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various languages including Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, and Traditional Chinese, among others. Notably, our American Sign Language (ASL) experts delivered outstanding results, dedicating numerous hours to ensure comprehensive coverage in a prominent university in the southeast.

Lost in Translation? No More! How Language Services Heal

In the healthcare sector, clear communication between patients and providers is critical for good outcomes. Imagine trying to explain your symptoms or understand a complex diagnosis when you do not share a common language. This is the reality for many patients and providers, leading to frustration, misdiagnosis, and even poor health outcomes. Language services bridge this gap in healthcare communication by ensuring everyone has a voice and can understand the information they need.

Through February, we helped a Health Academic Center by translating over 26,000 source words in a wide range of languages, such as French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Hmong, Dari, Punjabi, Haitian, Urdu, Ukrainian, Burmese, Nepali and Somali, to name some. Our skilled team of translators also worked restlessly to translate over 40,000 words into Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.

Continuing to make the world smaller through interpretation 

Interpretation goes beyond translating words. It bridges cultural divides, ensuring clear communication across languages. Interpreters convey not just the meaning of words, but also the nuances and cultural context, preventing misunderstandings. This is vital in a globalized world, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and a more inclusive society. In February, our talented team of interpreters worked within a vast variety of industries, helping interpret multiple hours in different languages. For example, we provided Japanese interpreting to a strategic communications firm and helped an entertainment experience company with Japanese and Korean interpreting.

On the other hand, American Sign Language (ASL) plays a crucial role in interpretation services. ASL is not just a signed version of English; it is a complete and complex language with its own grammar and syntax. For people who use ASL as their primary language, sign language interpreters become the bridge to effective communication among a vast variety of industries. This month, our committed ASL interpreters provided hours of excellent service to a scientific association, a prestigious design software development company, and an educational association dedicated to student success on the West Coast.

Surprise your loved ones by saying I love you in different languages!

Language is the lifeblood of expressing love. It allows us to navigate the complexities of this emotion, from soft murmurs of affection to grand declarations of passion. Through language, we give voice to the love in our hearts, fostering connection and building lasting bonds. Let us learn to say I love you in different languages:

Spanish: Te amo

French: Je t’aime

Portuguese: Eu te amo

Japanese: 愛してる (Ai shiteru)

Chinese: 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ)

Vietnamese: Anh yêu em (to a woman) / Em yêu anh (to a man) 

Tagalog: Mahal kita 

Arabic: أنا أحبك (Ana uhibbuka – to a man) / (Ana uhibbuki – to a woman) 

Korean: 사랑해 (Saranghae) 

German: Ich liebe dich

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