September 2020: The end of the Summer is Here

September means the end of the summer;  it is a month of transition from Summer to Fall. In most parts of the country a significant drop in the temperature occurs and the days start getting shorter. It’s time to change to a heavier wardrobe. Many businesses across the country have seen a nice increase in business and things are starting to get better economically. American Language Services has seen a big increase in business, and we are so grateful for our loyal clients and are so glad they are doing much better. We also recognize that many businesses and people are still suffering and Covid 19 continues to be damaging to them. Our hearts go out to all our friends in this predicament. September is traditionally a month packed with many historical events. These events include the independence of Brazil from Portugal, the proclamation of the People’s Republic of China by Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao),the first country to give the right to vote to women in 1893 was New Zealand, the World War II came to its end and most recently in 2005 Google was founded.

For modern U. S. history, the main event that reminds people of September, unfortunately in a negative way, is an event that shocked the consciousness of the entire world: The September 11 terrorist attack in New York and Washington DC, which was the single largest attack in U.S. history. The attack killed 2,752 people and the impact has been felt to this day in many different ways.

Another important event, that takes place in September is Labor Day holiday. For the Americans, this day signals that the first day of school is about to open. In fact, many schools open on the first Monday of September and many workers stay home to celebrate their employment rights. Historically, we give thanks to the labor union movement which asked for only 8 hours of work daily, safe and fair working conditions as well as other basic rights.  

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in September:

SEPTEMBER 5, 1946: Freddy Mercury: Singer, and legendary front men of the band “Queen” Freddy and his Queen mates climbed all the rankings and reached a place in the Olympus of the Rockstar stardom. Freddie Remembered for his amazing singing voice, tremendous musical skills along with his hedonistic and eccentric lifestyle.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1913: Jessy Owens: Remembered as the man who dared to challenge the “Arian Supremacy” of Hitler by competing as a black man for the United States in the Olympic games of 1936 of Berlin, Owens specialized in sprints and the long jump, and was recognized in his lifetime as “perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history”. Still nowadays his memory is kept alive throughout movies and documentaries to show the youngest generation the importance of the diversity and inclusion.   

SEPTEMBER 15, 1890: Agatha Christie: We can easily say that Agatha still these days remains the “Queen of the detective novels”. Born in an upper-middle class family in Torquay Devon, since her early years she was a voracious reader and growing up she managed to write more than 60 detective novels that were destinated to a huge fame that still survives, in fact their novels are continuing to be printed in new editions and sold in all over the world.

SEPTEMBER 20, 1934: Sofia Villani Scicolone (Sophia Loren): The beauty and the grace of this lady have been standards for many years, not only the men recognized her beauty but also the women aimed to be classy and beautiful as she was. Sophia is an Italian actress, a recognizable star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, she was named by the American Film Institute as the 21st greatest female star of Classic Hollywood Cinema. She is currently the only living actress and the highest ranked living person on the list.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1930: Ray Charles: His disability due to a glaucoma that let him blind in his childhood did not prevent Charles to follow his passion. Singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer he was a pioneer in the Soul music genre during the 50, with his songs always on the top of charts. For his musical contributions, Charles received the Kennedy Center Honors, the National Medal of Arts, and the Polar Music Prize.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1981: Serena Williams: Serena is the number ranked women’s tennis player in the world and has been ranked in the top 5 or higher for over a decade. She has broken virtually every existing record both alone in singles and with his older sister Venus in doubles. Thanks to her amazing athletic skills and mental toughness she is considered to be, by many, the best woman’s player of all time and one of the wealthiest as well.   

Some Interesting Translation & Media Projects Completed in September

The Summer is over but the work for our company is certainly not, in fact it is humming along. This month we have been very busy with a myriad of projects. We have recently translated a 20,000+ word survey into Korean, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.  We have implemented these translations into a specific software program for the Los Angeles Planning commission a comprehensive study on the future transportation in LA country. In the medical field, we translated a medical device instructional manual into EU French, German and Norwegian for major medical device manufacturer. We also translated a 20,000+ word non-discrimination policy into Spanish, Korean and Traditional Chinese for a major state university. Furthermore, we provided a translation for one of the largest food companies in the United States, by translating a 60,000+ word employee handbook into Spanish.

Not only has the translation department been busy with translations, but we have also been busy in other areas.  We completed a recent media project.  We provided video transcriptions, subtitling and voiceovers related to a Covid-19 first responder training videos in eleven languages for the US Government.  This included some unique languages such as Sinhalese, Malay, Hindi, Bengali and Nepalese, as well as Vietnamese, French and Russian. The department also transcribed 8 hours of Spanish to English Audio for a Law enforcement agency in a Capital Offense case and provided numerous public and private institutions with real-time captioning services (CART). Covering webinars, meetings, classes, in a wide variety of industries for clients ranging from Universities to High Tech companies.  

Several Projects for our Interpreting Department

Our Interpreting department covered two days of simultaneous interpreting, in multiple languages, on-site, in Las Vegas, for a Real Estate conference for a nationally recognized meeting planner.  We also covered daily ASL assignments for several Government Institutions, Major Universities and Health Care facilities nationwide. In addition, we provided on-site and Video Remote ASL language services for classes, trainings, medical appointments and meetings for scores of institutions.

Our Over the Phone (OPI) services have also been busy. We have done numerous assignments on a 24 hour /7 day basis for election campaigns, law firms, health facilities, educational institutions and numerous corporations in languages ranging from Spanish and French, to Hungarian, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog, Russian and Hmong to name just some.

AML-Global stands the test of time in providing translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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