JUNE 2020: Summer is Rapidly Approaching

Automatically people equate June with Summer; the weather becomes warmer and by now most children have finished their school year. June is known for the having the most wedding ceremonies, and how ironic that the month of June’s flower is the ROSE. The birthstone(s) for June are the Alexandrite, typically a reddish or green colored stone.  June is also known for Flag Day Celebrations and National Safety Month.

More importantly, this month represents and marks one of the most important achievements in the USA history as Juneteenth (June 19, 1866) is celebrated, which marks the end of Slavery.  During the month of June, we observe and appreciate African American Music with Black Music Month. It’s another time to recognize the talent and creative genius of African American people and their contribution to the enrichment to our culture and society.

While the U. S. has come a long way toward stomping out racial prejudice and discrimination, there is much more improvement needed. There was a terrible incident of Police brutalityin Minneapolis with the horrible killing of an African American named George Floyd.  This incident set in motion protests throughout the U.S. and around the world.  There is still so much more work to be done to achieve equality and fairness with in the justice system. 

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in June:

JUNE 1, 1926: Marilyn Monroe:Born in Los Angeles, an American actress and iconic sex symbol. Best known for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), The Seven Year Itch (1955), Bus Stop (1956), Some Like It Hot (1959)

JUNE 2, 1740: Marquis de Sade: -Born in Paris. He was a military leader, governor-general, and author, whose acts of extreme cruelty and violence resulted in the term sadism and sadist being created from his name to describe gratification in inflicting pain.

JUNE 5, 1898: Federico García Lorca:-Born in the province of Granada (Spain) it’s one of the most important poets and dramatists of the twentieth century. His collections are Gypsy Ballads (1928) and Lament for a Bullfighter (1935), and the tragedies Blood Wedding (1933), Yerma (1934), and The House of Bernarda Alba (1936)

JUNE 12, 1929: Anne Frank:-Born in Frankfurt, Germany. She is perhaps the best-known victim of the Nazi Holocaust. In 1942, she began a diary to cope with the, fear, annoyances, and loneliness of captivity.

JUNE 28, 1712: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: -Philosopher was born in Geneva, Switzerland. His book The Social Contract stated that no laws are binding unless agreed upon by the people, a concept that deeply affected the French. n 1964, he rejected the Nobel Prize for Literature when it was awarded to him.

JUNE 27, 1859: Mildred J. Hill:- American musician born in Louisville, Kentucky. She composed the melody for what is now the world’s most often sung song, Happy Birthday to You.

Highlights of some Interesting Interpreting, Translation &Media Projects Completed in June

With the summer approaching and with the upcoming election cycle is in full swing, we provided multiple political market research firms with translations of Surveys, Questionnaires, Focus group material in numerous languages including, Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Portuguese and to Spanish to name some.

We also have continued to translate dozens of Covid-19 related documents in more than 15 languages for Healthcare providers, Non-Profits, and Corporations throughout the Nation. Most were completed on an emergency basis.

Among many other projects we completed this month, we translated a complex Lease Agreement of more than 20,000 words in Vietnamese and Spanish for a Major Law firm.  We also translated a 5,000-word Instructions For Use (IFU) into German and French for a well know Medical Device company. In addition, we translated a 25,000+ word On boarding and New Hire documents for a large construction company on an expedited basis.

The Interpreting Department Has Been Immersedin a Whirlwind of Projects.

We covered 5 days of French simultaneous Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for 5 sessions for the United Nations. We also provided 6 days of Video Remote ASL interpreting for a corporate training webinar. Another stellar job was providing 4 days of Certified Mandarin, in-person,simultaneous interpreting for the USDOJ for a trial in San Francisco.

Another great project was providing 4 days of VRI and a moderator for a national market research company in German, Korean &Hindi. We also covered numerous medical and legal appointments for Hospitals, Law Firms, Governmental Agencies, Medical offices, and Health centers across the nation using Phone Interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting, and In-Person Interpreting in over 20 languages.

Important Media Projects Completed

We completed 4 video Instructions for Use projects by providing voice over and subtitling in Spanish for one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers.  We also completed a time sensitive media project by providing, a very well know government agency with videos of public service and instructional material related to Covid19.  We completed these in multiple languages and in record time.

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