February 2020: Romance, Almonds & Presidents

Even though Valentine’s Day is in February, (the 14th to be exact), it is not just the month for romance. February has some other interesting days in the month. If you like eating high protein, tasty treats National Almond Day, which is on Feb 16, is the right day for you. If you are American and feeling patriotic, this year on Feb 17 Presidents Day is celebrated. This day is to honor two of Americas greatest leaders, George Washington, a founding father of our nation and Americas first President, and the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, US’s 16th President and savior of the republic, in the American Civil war. Both of these great men were born in February.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals

FEBRUARY 4, 1913: ROSA PARKS – The “mother of the freedom movement” became a Civil Rights icon when she refused to move to the back of an Alabama bus in 1955.

FEBRUARY 6, 1945:  BOB MARLEY -An International reggae star who brought reggae to the masses, who is from the Jamaica.  

FEBRUARY 12, 1809: ABE LINCOLN – Universally considered one of the two best American leaders of all time and the Countries savior in dire times and the person who abolished slavery. 

FEBRUARY 22, 1732: GEORGE WASHINGTON – Americas Founding Father, Icon, warrior, statesman, the first US president, and by most, considered its best.

FEBRUARY 25, 1943: GEORGE HARRISON – Musical Icon, spiritualist, and integral part of the greatest rock group of all time The Beatles.

Some Interesting Interpreting & Translation Projects Completed in February

February was a very strong month for us and thanks to our great clients and team, we have completed some interesting projects.

We completed a highly technical and large project for Governmental Military training which was over 165K words from EU French to English. Another project was for the federal HUD department, we completed a 2-day expedite for over 30,00 words from English to Spanish.

We translated a 400,000-word Training Manual from English to Spanish regarding Work programs for disabled individuals in conjunction with one of the Nation’s Largest Universities.

Translated Multiple Compliance and quality documents into Japanese for one of the Nation’s Largest Food Distributors.

On the In-person interpreting front, we provided Certified Korean interpreting for two weeks at a trial for a Major Law Firm.

We also provided Spanish Simultaneous Interpreting, equipment, and full technical support in Las Vegas for a 3-day conference at Bally’s event center.

Provided ASL interpreting for one-week training events in New York for Europe’s largest Manufacturing company and a Global top 50 company.

We provided daily interpreting services in American Sign (ASL) as well as over 20 languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian for Health centers, doctors’ offices, Medical Device companies and Hospital across the Nation.

We appreciate our great loyal clients and value the opportunity to provide top notch service.

American Language Services commits to provide you with the most exceptional and professional services.

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