Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was on April 22, or what the United Nations calls International Mother Earth Day, a day where people unite in order to both appreciate and respect the earth’s environment. So take some time to appreciate mother earth and reflect on how as a society we can do more to protect and respect the earth’s environment. At American Language Services we have been reflecting on our recent projects and ensuring we make our clients happy.

Historical Tidbits in April

Some interesting historical tidbits that occurred in April: Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon sighted Florida and claimed it for the Spanish crown on April 6, 1513, George Washington became the first U.S. President on April 30th 1789, on April 24, 1800 the Library of Congress was established in Washington D.C. and on April 15, 1912 Titanic; a luxury British passenger liner sank in the early hours of the am.

April Birthdays of Well-known Individuals

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England was born on the April 21, 1926 and is the longest-reigning British Monarch. Russell Crowe; an New Zealand-born Australian actor celebrates his birthday on April 7, Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743,’ Jack Nicholson celebrates his birthday on April 22 and Jessica Alba celebrates her birthday on April 28, 1981… Happy birthday to all of you who have April birthdays! At American Language Services we have been celebrating the success of our recent projects.

Interpreting Projects Completed in April

We recently completed a project for AFYA, INC; a technical and professional service firm with a mission to improve the health and well-being of the under privileged. This was a training conference for an AmeriCorps training program on poverty that took place in Phoenix, Arizona. The training conference was over a 4 day span where Spanish and Korean interpreters were required along with portable headsets and transmitters. The project went off perfectly and kept our client happy.

Another interesting project accomplished in April was for APEX Meetings & Events; a conference and event management service. The interpreting job was for a conference event in Washington D.C. for National Asian Summit; an event that gathers hundreds of South Asian organizations within the U.S. In addition, the 2017 Summit marked the ten-year anniversary for the event. It is a 4 day conference event and several interpreters were needed for American Sign Language, and several Asian languages including Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Thai. The event went off impeccably and our interpreters did a great job.

Translation Projects Completed in April

Among many interesting project, we completed a translation project for American Airlines; a major U.S. airline headquartered in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas. A local station emergency plan had to be translated from English to Spanish, and also from Spanish to English. This was a very large document and was translated flawlessly and on a timely basis, ensuring the clients satisfaction.

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