Why Simultaneous interpreters are a prerequisite for a successful multilingual conference?

What is a simultaneous interpreter?

Simultaneous interpreters are those who interpret the message from the speaker into the target language as fast as he can formulate it from the source language. There are never more than a few seconds of lag behind the speaker. In the meantime, the source language speaker speaks continuously without any interruptions.

Why are they important to organize a successful meeting?

A Simultaneous interpreter’s constant care is to complete his interpretation role within the time allowed by the pace of the source speech. Therefore, by using a simultaneous interpreter, the natural flow of the speaker is guaranteed and not interrupted.

What is the process of simultaneous interpretation?

Ideally, the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth, speaking simultaneously a different language into a microphone as the audience listens to the broadcast of the speaker (via transmitters). Then, the interpretation is transmitted to the target audience members via their own set of receivers (or headsets)

How an Interpreter’s work contributes to multilingual meetings?

For meetings and conferences that gather people from different countries, an interpreter or interpreters is required to facilitate communication between participants who do not share a common language. The more languages spoken in the event, the more complicated the communication. As there might be multiple interpreters interpreting into several languages simultaneously, it is necessary for the listeners to set their receivers to the channel that contains the appropriate language. Thanks to the presence of interpreters, speakers of multiple languages can share the same experience irrespective of their language differences. The job of interpreter is to ensure the quality of communication in the meeting and to make sure the message is properly conveyed.

How American Languages Services can help you in delivering a qualified international conference?

With more than 30 years of experiences in the language industry, American Language Services has a team of highly qualified and professional interpreters. We understand what is needed to organize successful meetings in which language is a barrier. Our interpreting team covers more than 200 different languages around the world. Therefore, no matter which language you may need, at any time and any place, we can definitely give you a hand in creating a quality conference with value for every attendee.’ We can also provide you with necessary equipment such as booths, transmitters and receivers to guarantee your meetings go as smoothly and professionally as possible.

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