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Black Friday! It’s that day you either love or hate. It’s the day to get great deals on Grandma’s Christmas gifts’the day to grab stocking stuffers for next to nothing’and it’s the perfect day to grab deals on vaping products, seriously’. We associate Black Friday with Christmas shopping and buying gifts for everyone else, but you can actually grab some fun deals for yourself and your company this year.

If we’re talking about AML-Global’s voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services, of course, AML-Global does a whole lot each.’ For interpreting, it is seemingly a simple task, but in reality it is an important and potentially complex task that we manage to get it consistently right all the time.

Here are a few examples of our recent interpreting activities we have completed. We completed an interpreting project for National Association of Realtors. We provided them with Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, EU French and Mandarin interpreters. In addition to that, we also provided them with equipment and on site technicians. It was a large conference with over 200 people attending the 3 day annual event for education sessions, networking events, and one of the largest industry expo’s in the U.S. Our interpreters and on-site technicians very experienced and properly trained, they did a great job as they do on the numerous events they do with us. For this particular event we got a lot of positive feedback from organizers, interpreters and participants.

Another interpreting assignment we completed was for Zero to Three. Zero to Three ensures babies and toddlers benefit from the early connections that are critical to their well-being and development. We provided them with our Spanish interpreting services and on-site technicians. It was a 3 day annual multidisciplinary education and networking event for early childhood professionals and it took place in New Orleans.

One more important project we completed was for Relev’ Unlimited. They are a destination management and event production services company. They organized a legal conference that lasted for 3 days in California. We equipped them with our expert American Sign Language interpreters. The Guests were able to converse seamlessly, without fear of any miscommunication, confident in the knowledge that our expert interpreters would accurately convey information without altering meaning or any interjection.

AML-Global has a large network of professional interpreters, all of whom are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their specific industry. Our dedicated project management teams, certified processes, skilled linguists, and many years of involvement in translation services set us apart from other language services vendors.

American Language Services stands the test of time in providing voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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