Holi Festival of colors

One of the most colorful, playful festivals around the world, Holi, draws revelers from afar, and not just in India, where it originates from, but all corners of the globe. Did you know that Coldplay, the popular International rock band, was so mesmerized with the festival of colors, that they flew down to India (yes, they did!) just to include the festival in their latest music video, Hymn.
Holi is one of India’s grandest and most popular celebrations. The Holi festival traditionally celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is associated with many legends, including the story of Holika. During Holi, Hindus attend a public bonfire, spray friends and family with colored powders and water, and generally go a bit wild in the streets for The Weekend.
Everyone seems to love the spirit of fun and enjoyment and it’s no surprise then that the West has also dived into the barrel of colors to play Holi. At American Language Services (AML-Global) we believe that one of key dimensions of being in a multicultural workplace is being proud of the richness and diversity of celebrations from across the world. We know sometimes we are too busy to stop and celebrate festivals, or afraid of how the work place would look at a celebration but festivals are such a good, welcoming way of reflecting what you are and where you come from. And it does not need to be fancy, sometimes; small touches go a long way. The staff at AML-Global was e-mailed about turning up in colorful clothes to honor the occasion; we talked about the festival, had Indian food and a lot more.
It is worth noting that at American Language services, not only do we have a multiethnic workplace, but we also handle regularly multilingual requests. A recent project we did was for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), it was regarding the translation of ‘Wipa Manual’. We translated the document from English to Spanish. It was a large document; over 350,000 words and we were able to complete the project promptly by paying extensive attention to details. VCU was very pleased with the quality and responsiveness of our work.
Moreover, we did another important, highly confidential translation for a well know Event Production Company involving a large national rollout in the entertainment/movie world. We completed both translation as well as extensive desktop publishing. We translated multiple documents from English to Flemish and EU French. Desktop Publishing (DTP) was done for several of the largest documents; we often work with companies on DTP services as a part of the complete translation process.

Our team was also involved in another project from Karl Storz-Endoskopy America. It was a very time sensitive project regarding the translation of some important technical reports from German to English.

Earlier this month we also did a translation assignment for CDFI Springboard. They are California’s premiere not-for-profit mortgage lender, offering unique home buying opportunities to families and individuals looking for an affordable home loan, refinance, or honest assessment of their home purchasing power in a no-pressure setting. We translated documents for them from English to Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese. The document was regarding the presentation of buying your First Home.
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