Saint Patricks Day

Every year on March 17, the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick’s Day. They remember one of Ireland’s patron saints, St Patrick. In the US, it largely celebrates Irish-American culture. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green. Irish clubs and pubs often hold parties or have special deals. More than 125 million Americans plan to mark the occasion in some way, whether that’s by eating a delicious meal of corned beef and cabbage, wearing green attire, strapping on some bagpipes or raising a few pints of Guinness. For this special day, at American Language Services (AML-Global) had a delicious classic St. Patrick’s Day meal made by Michael, our in-house chef (who also works in the Accounting department), with corned beef and cabbage as well as green cupcakes for dessert.

Projects accomplished by American Language Services during St. Patrick’s Day are so much fun and since this holiday is right around the corner, everyone seems to be in a festive mood’like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and it’s time to share some gold.

This month we had the opportunity to work with Destinations by Design under the 6th Annual Global Agriculture & Economic Outlook, which took place at Vdara Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas. Destination by Design provides high-quality destination management and event services to the incentive and corporate markets. For this project they needed 3 Spanish interpreters; in addition to that, we supplied specialized equipment like booths, headsets and receivers, and an on-site technical support. American Language Services provides comprehensive conference interpreting solutions that guarantee the interpretation works smoothly from pre-conference consulting through project completion.

Another large and interesting interpreting project we completed this month was for Louisiana State University in the framework of a Bioterrorism conference in Louisiana. Louisiana State University is a public co-educational university located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bioterrorism is a very scary and real potential issue involving terrorism and the intentional release or dissemination of biological agents.

The conference centered on all aspects of bioterrorism from monitoring potential threats to thwarting them, communication with various agencies and contingency planning among others. For this instance, we provided 9 Spanish interpreters in Puerto Rico, for a 2 week time frame, as well as interpreting equipment adapted to international conferences. We have done many projects through LSU in locations around the world and for languages including Turkish, Arabic, Albanian, Georgian, Ukrainian and Spanish to name some. Professional interpretation is one of the most lucrative, growing and diverse fields in United States. As the state’s population becomes increasingly diverse, the demand for professional, certified interpreters has increased significantly over the past few decades. American Language Services makes it possible for you to get your message across effectively and accurately to your associates and clients; not just in their language, but in ways that show you value their culture.

May your holiday be blessed and we hope you witness the luck of the Irish! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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