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A company should be proud of their services, but even more so when it improves the communication and understanding of cultures worldwide. Let us look at a multilingual conference project handled by American Language Service at The University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts which is the most prestigious film school in the U.S.

The conference was a multi-lingual conference and the ability to translate the material was of paramount importance. At American Language Services we are committed to providing the best quality interpreting equipment service. We also provided interpretation services with our high level interpreters in coordination with conference interpreting equipment like encapsulated booths, transmitters, headsets and receivers. ‘All of this was provided locally.

American Language Services strongly believes that teamwork is the best way to meet its objectives. With the inclusion of such a variety of elements conference interpretation is an excellent example of team work. A group of experts which incorporates project management, Interpreter, subject matter and technician come together to form a team and execute the work to make this complicated task extremely straightforward and hassle free.

American Language Services is proud to have supplied the necessary expertise and interpreting equipment locally to help ensure that all conference goers at this respected venue were able to enjoy the conference to the highest degree possible. At American Language Services we will partner with you throughout the entire process and deliver our world-class interpreting and equipment services to help take your meeting or conference to the next level. We are proud to be an industry leader in providing conference interpretation and interpreting equipment.

American Language Services is a proud provider of voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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