January is Flying By

It’s hard to believe that January is almost over. It just seemed like yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s and trying to shake the cobwebs out. Like a lot of parents used to say growing up, it’s amazing how fast time flies by. As a kid, you don’t really believe that, but now as adults, it’s so true.

As we all know, time is a relative concept. When you’re struggling to find the right words to communicate, particularly, when it involves a language not native to you, time seems to slow down’
Companies and individuals face challenges on a daily basis on how to communicate from one language to another. Whether it be in written form, which takes translation of documents, verbal form, which takes interpreting, audio transcriptions, or through media services, this is a key challenge that must be overcome.

American Language Services, one of the oldest and largest language service providers in the United States, works with a variety of individuals, companies, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and non-profits, to name just some. We work with these organizations solving complex foreign language communication issues in a wide variety of settings.

In the last week, we have done just that with some of our valued clients. Two quick samples of the work we’ve done this week. Louisiana State University, one of our regular clients, is just starting a 1-week training event taking place in Kosovo. We are supplying several Albanian interpreters, equipment, and technical support for a very important anti-terrorism and bio-warfare trainings. We will also be working with them supplying Turkish interpreters and equipment on campus at LSU in the next 30 to 60 days.

This week, we are on the latter stages of completing a very large translation, script localization, and voice-over project for a governmental agency. Confidentiality does not allow us to name the client, however, we are providing media services in 6 languages ‘ French, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic, Burmese and French-Haitian-Creole. This is allowing the Federal Agency to work with under-privileged minorities to resolve a variety of problems and challenges in their lives, particularly, involving children.

American Language Services is a proud provider of voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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