The Need for Speed

Sometimes things need to be finished as soon as possible. For whatever reason, the translation job needs to be done ‘yesterday’. The industry term for this is a rush or expedited translation. There are many reasons for short deadlines: a boss gives a last minute order, our client’s client changes their mind last minute, or an emergency comes up. Instead of asking who, if anybody, dropped the ball, we ask how we can get the job done while maintaining our high standards of quality.

The average professional translator can handle between 2,000-2,500 words a day. Depending on the complexity of the translation, this number may change. The main challenge in the process is to gather qualified translation resources quickly along with the project management team and work around the clock, as necessary, to get the job done the right way.

For small and medium sized expedited translations, it may simply be a matter of finding the right qualified translation specialist who is available for a rush translation. We can schedule these translators thanks to our excellent and comprehensive internal database of qualified professionals. This month alone, we processed several jobs of this nature for clients such as Allergan, Dole, several law firms, as well as other corporate clients.

For larger rush translations, we employ teams of translators and editors and apply extra diligence to ensure that the consistency and quality remain high. This month we handled an extremely urgent 70,000+ word English to Turkish rush translation for a major client involved in anti-terrorism training. We handled this flawlessly and under deadline in less than three business days.

When time is short and the stakes are high, your choice of who you bring your translation to becomes all the more important. We are well-equipped to handle rush translations of any size without compromising our quality. More importantly, our skilled staff will work with you every step of the way to meet your deadlines and deliver you the perfect product.

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