Mandela Memorial Shadowed by Sign Language Fraud

As tearful eyes around the world looked on, national leaders arrived in South Africa to eulogize the passing of Nelson Mandela, legendary anti-apartheid revolutionary leader and former president. As each dignitary spoke, Thamsanqa Jantjie, interpreted for the deaf. There was only one problem: Jantjie’s strange gestures, were meaningless. His actions were later decried as a mockery, and Jantjie became a national disgrace. But that wasn’t the end of it. Further investigation fanned even greater flames of worldwide outrage.

Coverage of Jantjie continued long after the memorial. Members of the international press delved deeper into how such an obviously incompetent interpreter had come to stand next to the most powerful men in the world and gesture gibberish. Soon it was discovered that he had interpreted for the South African Government before with equally poor results. In fact, after the earlier event, thousands complained, saying Jantjie’s interpreting had been ‘100 percent inaccurate.’ Other news sources reported that the government continued to use him because he was the lowest bidder, charging about $40 less than other interpreters.

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