Lights, Camera, Action!

American Language Services was invited into the glitz and glamor of Hollywood this month. Well, actually it was Burbank and New York. First we were invited to the house built by a little mouse, and then it was a trip to the ‘Big Apple.’

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and their friends are world famous. And to connect with their fans around the world, speaking English just isn’t enough. So when Walt Disney Studios needed some help in August, American Language Services was there to do what we do best. We provided the studio with language support services for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

But sunny Southern California isn’t the only place where the entertainment industry plies its trade. Woodridge Productions in New York needed us to provide translation and voice over work for a TV show it was producing in Chinese, Russian and Haitian.

American Language Services has been partnering with the entertainment industry since we began operations in 1985. In addition to translation and interpretation services, we offer language-based media services that include transcription, subtitling, voice over and dubbing. ABC Entertainment, MGM Studios, Warner Brothers and others rely on us to provide timely, professional services and superior customer service.

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