Translation and Interpretation Services Needed by Companies of Every Size

In August AMCI, the auto marketing giant, called on American Language Services for help. It was hosting a multinational (and multilingual) conference on automobile research at its Los Angeles offices and needed to converse with its many international partners in the automotive industry. We supplied the organization, known worldwide for its legacy of ‘world’s first’ communication programs, with highly experienced interpreters for Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and Thai.

But multinational corporations aren’t the only ones that need translation and interpretation services. We also have clients who need our services but don’t operate outside of the United States. Richard Heath and Associates (RHA) is a good example.

In August RHA called on us when they needed to reach out to their Spanish- and Cantonese-speaking customers living in California. We were honored to help the firm, which has been designing programs to help California families conserve energy since 1979. It even created California’s first Low Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE) program.

RHA and many other California-based companies, rely on us to help them reach out to a statewide market where more than 90 languages besides English are being used at home. When they want to target these groups, they contact us.

American Language Service operates both in the US and around the world. Our winning combination of excellent service, high-quality interpretation and translation services ‘ often from local linguists ‘ has made us one of the premier international providers of language services, which include Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Greek, Haitian-Creole, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese and many more.

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