AML-Global Continues Excellent Transcription Work

As a company, American Language Services was born out of serving the legal needs of Southern California. A vital part of the legal process is putting the words of depositions and proceedings down on paper, and sometimes those words are in languages other than English. As a result, AML-Global has been steadily building its transcription capabilities over the years. And in 2013, those capabilities are the best they’ve ever been.
For the last four years, AML-Global has completed all Spanish transcription for the Public Corruption & Civil Rights Section of the US Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. And this last quarter, their needs for Spanish transcriptions and English translation increased dramatically with four new cases. Thankfully, AML-Global was more than able to complete these transcripts under some very tight deadlines.
But the company has done transcription and translation work for more than just the legal sector, as well as in areas outside of L.A. Over the past few months, AML-Global has transcribed and translated videos and recordings from all industries, includes the educational, entertainment, and financial sectors. These jobs included an interview conducted in German for the NFL, and almost five hours of Portuguese YouTube videos for Machinima.
After these diverse and challenging transcription jobs, AML-Global feels more prepared than ever to take on these projects and tackle client needs swiftly and effectively.


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