Commencement 2013: AML-Global Starts Two New Contracts with Universities

It’s almost springtime, which means that millions of students are busily filling out their college applications hoping to impress schools and universities all across the country. This also means that Colleges are cranking up their grant research programs. Happily, American Language Services has already won the approval and been awarded contracts to provide translation and interpreting services for many fine universities’ and Colleges across the county. This is based on their exemplary work in translation and interpretation, cost competitive pricing, and great service overall.

For the last four years, AML-Global has translated Virginia Commonwealth University’s Community Partner Work Incentives Counseling Training Manual, which is part of VCU’s National Training Centers. These centers employ close to 2,000 counselors and serve over 750,000 individuals in all 50 states. Because many of the people they serve are Spanish-speakers, the university has assigned AML-Global to translate all of their training material to better prepare all of their counselors and volunteers. Once again, AML-Global completed the Spanish translation for this 350,000-word project, and they hope to complete more work for the university in the near future.

Earlier this month, AML-Global entered an agreement with Louisiana State University to provide translations for their first response to hazardous materials training seminars being held around the world. With training seminars in Abu Dhabi, Warsaw, Ankara, and Tbilisi, the company is providing multiple interpreters and equipment for all trainings in these cities. They are also translating all of the presentations and literature for these classes into Arabic, Polish, Turkish and Georgian as well. Both AML-Global and LSU eagerly await the first training seminar coming up in May in Warsaw.

AML-Global also partnered with Virginia Tech in a research study that included comprehensive translation and voiceover work in French Canadian. It was federal government funded grant for studies in the trucking industry.

AML-Global has completed a large number of projects and has done stellar work for colleges and universities over the past twenty plus years. They are gearing up to support even more customers from the world of academia in 2013 with their research grants. Visit us at


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