Multiple Language Voiceover Requests

American Language Services has been busy with voiceover requests early in 2012. For example, one of our current voiceover projects in production for a medical client includes voiceover in 15 different languages including: Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Kannada, Korean, Marathi, Malayalam, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish and Telugu. The project includes voiceover of a Consumer Animation Narration script. The client selected to use a variety of male and female speakers for each of the 15 languages. Before the voice talent was sent into our recording studio, 15 different translators translated the English script into each corresponding language. Once the script was processed through our Quality Assurance department to be finalized, the scripts were sent to each of the hand selected voiceover talent individuals to familiarize themselves with the material before recording. The voiceover talent was selected by a client review of several 2-3 minute voiceover demos/samples and through previously selected talent for past projects for this same client. Recording each language will begin this week, to be followed by our extensive post production and editing procedures before each audio file is finalized and delivered to the client.

American Language Services prides itself on being able to successfully support voiceover requests in exotic languages every day and we look forward to continuing to provide exemplary voiceover services in the future.


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