Legal translations

Legal translations

In this age of globalization, the need for competent legal translators is greater than ever. This perhaps explains the growing interest in legal translation not only by linguists but also by lawyers.

What is legal language

Legal language refers to the language related to the law and the legal process. It is a highly specialized and technical discourse. Legal English reflects the mixture of languages such as French, Latin, and Greek. It is different from everyday languages (plain language) not only in terminology but also in syntax.

Legal translations challenges

Legal translation is subject to the heaviest semiotic constraints at all levels. The language of the law is typically formulaic, obscure, and archaic. Legal discourse is culturally mediated; legal texts have a special pragmatic status. These features deserve a closer examination.

From a formal perspective, legal writing is typically ritualistic and archaic, being subject to very strict. There are heavy constraints at all levels, from the macro-structure of texts, with systematic resort to standardized forms, often archaic and uncommon practice, stock phrases, rigid collocations and specialized cohesive devices.

Importance of Legal Translations

Countries interact with each other for business and other important matters where it is essential to overcome the language barrier. Just as an example there are 27 countries in EU with different languages and legal systems. These countries need to communicate smoothly and successfully.

Legal translation not only facilitates understanding but also protects the rights of each party and ensures that all parties concerned adhere to the terms and conditions of the working/social relationship.

With Globalization and Internationalization the mobility of citizens has increased. People travel and migrate for various purposes. This creates a need to ensure their rights are protected in case of breach of law in the host countries.

Legal Translations at AML-Global

Professional legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires precision and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law. You can rely on our network of legal translators for accurate, high quality translations in the best timeframes. At AML-Global, we provide professional legal translation in a wide range of documents for legal departments and law firms in more than 200 languages.

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