Insuring security and confidentiality of the documents: Portal System

What are Portal Systems

A translation portal system is a web-based integrated system for order management, project management and translations. This makes it easier for clients and vendors to manage and order translations while providing them a transparent view to monitor the process, collaborating as desired. In addition to that it also ensures security of document translation flow.

Portal Systems have two main components. The first is a business process management technology to automate the administration of translation and linguistic technology to maximise translation automation, consistency of quality and boost translator productivity. The second being the portal system is secure, password protected, and offers many features and benefits to clients. Together they enable a continuous flow of translation in a structured, scalable, auditable and automated way, ensuring security, efficient communication and publication in multiple languages.

AML Global 5.0 Portal System

AML-Global has a third generation propriety translation management system called AML Global 5.0. AML Global 5.0 is a superior technology system that allows our clientele to best manage their translation projects in a secured, logical, and proficient manner.

Here at AML-Global we understand that its not uncommon for clients to want to know what is happening behind the scenes or to increase their control of the translation process. Thats why were one of a select number of Language Service Providers offering a Translation Management Portal System to our clients, allowing them to steer their own translation projects while increasing security and confidentiality.

Lets Talk about some of the benefits of Translation Portal System equipped by AML-Global

AML-Global portal system is available 24/7, which allows clients, project managers, translators and reviewers to access it from anywhere in the world, at any time, through a standard web browser and itll support any file format.

With full transparency across workflows and access to real-time overviews, our translation portal system gives our clients a birds-eye view of their projects. Clients are able to review each stage of each translation project is in from the quote phase, approvals, through various stages of completion and through final delivery.

It is a secure cloud-based platform that ensures highest level of security of all the documents for complete peace of mind. The portal system is SSL complaint, backed up network with encryption technology for the transferring and maintenance of files.

Ability to control and share Translation Memories and Term Bases. The translation memory is used to store the documents that are previously translated stores so that when new documents are submitted in the portal system for quoting they are analysed using the translation memory for repetitive wording and phrasing. Based on the amount of repetition, if any, discounts on current projects are provided and consistency of language from one document to another is assured.

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