Things you need to know about Meeting interpreting in NYC

Things you need to know about Meeting interpreting in NYC

Having an interpreter at a business meeting in NYC and surrounding cities like Manhattan Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island can end up being a huge asset when you are working with global customers and business prospects.

Interpreters can help break down barriers and improve communication. It’s urgent to find a language service provider that has established results and a roster that is trained and experienced. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to partner with a proven language service provider as you plan a meeting with an international client.

Consecutive Interpreting in Meetings in NYC

Consecutive interpreting may be used to assist individuals during panel discussions, Q&A (Question & Answer) sessions or business meetings. In these cases, interpretation can be two-way; it becomes a process which allows for communication between interested parties rather than one-way simultaneous communication.

Partnering with AML-Global for you next multi-lingual meeting in NYC

Regardless of the nature of your meeting, AML-Global can equip you with professional interpreters in NYC and surrounding areas. When working with AML-Global, you can rest assured that you will have a comfortable, stress free environment as you do business with an international client through an interpreter.

Our network of professional language interpreters allows us to find the most qualified interpreters to match your specific needs. All our interpreters are highly experienced language professionals with a deep understanding of how business functions and what is needed to promote clear lines of communication between parties.

On top of their interpreting skills, our interpreters also carry with them a knowledge of cultural nuances and can act as a superb point of reference to help beat potential culturally diverse barriers.

AML-Global provides professional language translation and interpreting services both locally to New York City and worldwide in all major languages. Our translation services cover all industries and fields. We offer interpretation services for any type of event: corporate meetings, conferences, court cases, depositions, teleconferencing, medical appointments, worker’s compensation cases, arbitration, tourism and walking tours, plus much more. The most popular languages AML-Global provides in these areas are German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, etc. We also provide on-site American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

American Language Services stands the test of time in providing translation, interpretation, transcription and media services (dubbing, voiceovers & subtitling) to private industry, government, educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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